Day 474 – Preston – 19 Jun 11

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Day 474 – Preston – 19 Jun 11
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Hi Clo,

Left Richmond on Saturday morning and took the long route to Pickering. The instructions to get to the camp told us about a BIG hill en-route not suitable for caravans so we avoided that!

Only took an extra 20 minutes anyway. Road into campsite a bit narrow but OK. This is our free week from my Star Letter in Practical Motorhome. Staff v helpful and we got free electricity as well. Smallish pitch and loads of tenters who will probably be gone by Monday. We have no wifi access or mobile reception so it looks like an 8 miles into Pickering to get e-mail access. There’s a 60’s night on Saturday so we might venture in and see what's going on.

Drove in and watched a 60’s concert in the market square. Pickering is a small market town but has an interesting railway station which is the start point for many an interesting journey into the dales. Expecting rain this afternoon so getting everything under cover.

Spent the day in on the book. ¾ through it now and hopefully it will be finished and proof-read by March so I can try and get it published – if it's good enough!

Shirl took Smartie out for a 6 hour tour of the Dales visiting villages and chatting to local folk. Tried in vain to find a non-existent abbey across a washed away bridge. Never mind, she got home safely. Good news re Smartie dink. Aviva came up trumps and is handling the whole thing without me having to claim. Result!

Meeting up with Jules and Josie in Pickering for lunch. Weather nice so we’ll make a break for Scarborough and Filey perhaps. Had a look round Pickering castle. There's lots of castles in Yorkshire and they all cost £4.30 to get in!!!

Had a nice visit with J and J and then on to Scarboro for a bit of culture! It's a nice town once you get away from the front!

Happy Anniversary Day! Went to Pickering to catch the Steam Train to Aidensfield (Goathland) of Heartbeat fame. Old fashioned carriages and we had lunch at the Aidensfield Arms. Then a further trip up the line to Grosmont where we walked through the first railway tunnel? A good day out was had by all. Even saw a Claret in the pub!

Shirl did the shopping on Friday and we had a quiet day in preparation for visiting the Bollenbergs and Mad Brian this weekend. Well, I say it's quiet but we have a very enthusiastic Chaffinch which sits on the tree outside singing all day and night!. I call it the ‘Waiter Bird’ as it's call sounds like…..’warble – the menu!’ Better than screaming kids though!

Paking up now and will report again on return to Lincolnshire.
Bye for now,


M and D
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