Day 465 – North Yorkshire – 10 Jun 11

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Day 465 – North Yorkshire – 10 Jun 11
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Hi Clo,
We left the Sleaford area on Saturday morning and went to Welby to hitch up Smartie and set off for Whitby to meet up with Hils and Bryan. They were staying in Robin Hoods Bay for the weekend and we met them in a very crowded Whitby after they had marched across the moors on a 7 mile hike! After a few beers we re-assembled at their attic studio flat overlooking the harbour before going for a nice meal at the Bramblewick restaurant.

Walked home to Fylingthorpe where the van is parked at the Croftlands CL. Nice large pitch overlooking the bay. Not much by way of facilities but good enough for a 3 night stay. The Fylingdales Arms is just 5 minutes away in the village and RHB is a 20 minute walk. The hill out of RHB is a challenge!

Went for a drive up the coast to Ravenscar in Bryans car on Sunday and finished with a BBQ at the van and another walk into RHB. We are off to Richmond tomorrow. Weather looks dodgy.
Heard from the Morrisses in Greece and the sunshine. They are leaving for Italy again on 7th June and we hope to see them in Blighty in August. Also heard from Paul and Jackie in France and they seem to be enjoying the Motorhomin’ life. Seeing the Bollenbergs and Mad Brian after Pickering so that should be fun.

One and half hour drive this morning, and we are now in Gilling West, 4 miles north of Richmond.

We now have views of the Yorkshire Dales just for a change. Weather is a bit iffy, a bit overcast, but not as bad as the forecast. Hopefully I can get dad into Richmond and possibly a ‘little’ organised walk around the surrounding area. Mind you I did hear a loud groan when I got back to the wag armed with various local ‘walks’, I think he might throw a sicky! We are hoping that we might be able to meet up with Huffy who lives just down the road in Bedale, or we could just surprise him! Went to the Bowes Museum and Barnard Castle on Wednesday. Okay I suppose – but it was showery. Seeing Huffy for a beer tonight.

Huffy picked us up at 6.30 and we had a great evening catching up and talking over old times in Luxembourg. Heather is ‘back’ in the RAF at Leeming and Huffy is calibrating airports all over South West Europe. Nice meal at the Shoulder of Mutton in Kirby.

Getting the wags engine remapped today. A chap is coming along to re-tune it so that it is more fuel efficient and gives me a bit more power. It's pricey but should get my money back in 6 months and pulling the Smartie will be easier.
Popping into Richmond for a look round this morning.

Woe, woe, thrice woe. Looking for a parking slot in Richmond market square and a bloke in a van backed out and hit poor Smartie. Ouch! Only a small dink but a whole panel will need to be replaced. He admitted liability and was fully comp and seemed genuinely sorry. Accidents will happen but we will have to wait till we get back to Ruskington to get it fixed. A pain really.

All sorted on the car. Chap admitted full responsibility and Smartie booked in for repair on 27 June in Lincoln. I have to pay the excess and then get refunded. Seems odd to me as I’m not to blame. Hope it doesn’t affect my Premiums next year!!!:Eek!:

Got van remapped and hope to test it out on the way to Pickering tomorrow. Bit of shopping today in Catterick. Weather not as good as yours – quite chilly in the wind.
Speak soon,
M and D
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