Day 455 – Lincolnshire – 31 May 11

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Day 455 – Lincolnshire – 31 May 11
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Hi Clo,

Went to see Bryan and Hils via train on Friday 13th. Didn’t seem sensible to drag the van and Smartie all that way – pay site fees and sleep at their house. So we got cheapo tickets and had our usual great weekend including a visit to Morecambe and the Midlands Hotel. Whilst we were there we exchanged on the sale of North Parade and will have to move out on the 20th. Homeless!!!

Never mind, something will work out. Poor old Rob has to move out and to be fair he’s been very good about it and has just about gone. He’s living in Stamford for the time being and I can't see him resuming his house-sitting duties in the near future.

Finally left N Parade on schedule on the 20th. A bit manic as packers came on Thursday and on Friday, the Moses’s were moving in the front as we went out the back. All of our stuff went back to F and N for temporary storage.

Moved to a site in N Rauceby near to RAF Cranwell till we set off properly for the next leg of our adventure. Up to see Hils and Bryan at Robin Hoods Bay on 4 June. Then to Pickering, Richmond, Preston and the Bollenbergs,Clitheroe to see Mad Brian and Julie and finally to Buxton before coming back to Lincs.

Weather seems set fair and we are looking forward to getting back in the wag.

All for now, enjoy Amsterdam!


M and D

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