Day 44 - Aaarrrggghhhh!! - 15 Apr 10

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Hi Clo

Picked up the van yesterday. SMC in Newark were brilliant. Although the bill was £2100 – !!!!!!!! – we had a lot done. :Doh:

New Gaslow system, 4 new wheels, loads of little jobs done, brakes fixed, MOT, servicing & paintjobs. The servicing manager even spent an hour teaching us all about the trailer & how to use it & one of the lads came out to the gagage to show me how to fill up with LPG. So, all in all, a successful day. Expensive but necessary as we will be living in this for the next 11 months.:thumb:

Drove it up to Welby with no problems. Everything is now stowed aboard. Its not too difficult driving FORWARDS. However, REVERSING is another matter. Will need some practice & thought about organisation & parking at campsites.

We are off to Welby later for a final pack-up & may go off to the Autotrail Rally at Market Rasen later today or maybe tomorrow when its sunnier. Will send some photos later today of me driving the whole chabang.:Eeek:

Speak soon
Mum & Dad
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