Day 434 – North Parade - 10 May 11

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Day 434 – North Parade - 10 May 11
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Hi Clo,
A quiet week leading up to our visit to Waltham Forest. Packing mainly and trying to get an acceptance on one of our offers. Hoping that one is sorted out soon. As it is we should exchange very soon and have to be out of N Parade by 20th May. That means we will have to live in the wag and Rob will have to find lodgings. Loads of stuff on eBay so packing should get easier. Honeysuckle best for years though.

He seems OK about it all and fairly phlegmatic about the whole issue. We have arranged sites and visits all over the UK to fill in the time waiting before we can move into a new house.

Trip down to Sewardstone and Lee Valley Park was uneventful. Just missed many long queues we heard about on the radio. Mum drove half way. Found a leak in the hot water system but have gunged it up till I can get a new plastic elbow joint.

Great to meet Les, Sue, Matt and Lynne at the wedding party. Great spread and really nice meal at the Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel!!!! BBQ on Sunday was interesting and I’m grateful to Lynne for my supply of choccie which will get me up to the weight I require.

Back to Grantham on Monday. This site is much smaller and quieter than I imagined and it emptied by lunchtime on Monday. All that's left are Germans, Dutch and us!

Fairly expensive at £22 and facilities are just about OK. Bus into Walthamstow stops at gate, so travel into London easy. Be back in July for a quick visit.

Routine journey home, back to packing and househunting. Lots of items gone on eBay and most were sold by Friday 6 May. We are now sleeping on sofabed and sitting on Lloyd Loom chairs as sofa is gone. Rob is moving out this weekend and even though we have not yet exchanged due to inertia and idleness of solicitors, we are going to move our kit into storage on 20th anyway.

This weekend, 7-10th, we are in Burnham Thorpe, birthplace of Horatio Nelson. On a CC CL on a farm up the top of a very windy hill. Sun is out though and we cycled to Burnham Market which is very pleasant. Going to cycle and catch the bus to Wells tomorrow.

Had a bottle of wine and a snack in the Nelson Pub, and saw where Nelson used to sit and drink – allegedly. Saw his birthplace and he was evidently born in a bush under a plaque!!! Shed he was given birth to in was demolished in 1803 – pre Trafalgar!

Geography and Tourist Lesson now follows:

The Norfolk Burnhams are a group of adjacent villages on the north coast of Norfolk, England. The villages are located at the sea near a large natural bay named Brancaster Bay and the Scolt Head Island National Nature Reserve.
A medieval verse speaks of London York and Coventry and the Seven Burnhams by the sea. The Domesday Book of 1086 also mentions some of the Burnhams (see external links). At one time there were indeed seven Burnham villages, all within a radius of two miles. These were:
  • Burnham Deepdale
  • Burnham Norton
  • Burnham Overy
  • Burnham Sutton
  • Burnham Thorpe
  • Burnham Ulph
  • Burnham Westgate
Hence the mnemonic for the seven Burnhams: Nelson Of Thorpe Died Well Under Sail.
Over the years the central villages of Burnham Sutton, Burnham Ulph and Burnham Westgate have merged to form the larger village and civil parish of Burnham Market, which forms the principal centre for the Burnhams and several other nearby villages. The most westerly of the villages, Burnham Deepdale has more or less merged with the neighbouring village of Brancaster Staithe, and both now part of the civil parish of Brancaster.
Also in the area are several Round Tower Churches of which there are 124 in Norfolk. Pre-Norman and built of flint and flint is difficult to build round corners.
Sat outside the van in glorious sunshine listening to the reassuring roar of Tornados from Marham wizzing overhead flown by aircrew who weren’t even born when I stopped flying!
Drive back to Grantham uneventful. Loads of paperwork and bills for the move. End in sight though.
All for now
M and D

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