Day 420 – North Parade – 26 April 11

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Day 420 – North Parade – 26 April 11
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Hi Clo,
It gets worse.
House we were going for was taken off the market by the vendor. Says he is selling it to a family member – but it seems strange to turn down a full price offer! Probably for the best as he might have pulled out later down the line.
Now searching for something else in the area. It’s hard work. Everyone wants more money than the market demands. We’ll see. Had to cancel the Belgium trip and the visit to Wales and Cheltenham. A real pain. Should see you on the 28th though. We might venture up to Market Rasen for the Autotrail Factory Visit on 5th May. Got to stay local.
Took the wag and Smartie for service and MOT. Got everything done and it took a week. £2200 for everything and £1200 for all the insurances – cars and travel. Eeeeeeeekkk!
This year we are going to put some dosh away every month to cope with this outgoings, which hopefully, will be less as Smartie was really upgraded – tyres, exhaust and brakes and shockers and a few things on the van.
Today we are off to the Motorhome Show at Peterborough to stock up on stuff for this year. Will meet up with Sue. Looking forward to it. Then it's back to house hunting on Monday.
Had a good weekend at the Peterboro Show. Saw Sue, Pat n Jan and renewed a few more acquaintances. Mainly resisted too much purchasing but stocked up on essentials. Came back on Saturday evening and prepped the garden – getting rid of yet more rubbish before the move.
More house hunting today.
No joy on the housing front but am meeting up with Sue on Good Friday and Saturday at Barrowby!!!!!! To see her new van – 3rd in a year. What is she Like!!!

Got to Barrowby with Shirl driving the van following me in the Mondeo. No problems finding the site. 73 acres of land with a very pleasant little CS between 2 ponds. A small herd of Highland Cattle wandered in the next field. Very peaceful even though the A1 was only 400 yds away and the train line was within sight. Only 5 vans. Nice spot and only £11 including electricity. Can recommend it. Might be useful in the future. Also managed to clean up the roof. BBQs and sunshine were lovely. Almost Spanish!!

Sue’s van is good. She checked it out thoroughly and found a few faults, so is returning to Derby on Tuesday. Nice to see her again.

Then we hope to see you and Chris on Easter Sunday up here for a BBQ. Great. Sun kept going – just.
Still searching for a house, but it looks like we won't be able to co-ordinate moving days, so kit will have to go into storage. Never mind, can't be helped and hopefully Rob can find lodgings.:Eeek:
All for now
M and D

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