Day 402 – North Parade – 8 April 11

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Day 402 – North Parade – 8 April 11

Hi Clo


Send me back to Spain at once!
I hate Blighty!!! Crappy roads, horrible weather, yobs on every street corner, house hunting, £20 for 4 drinks and a pkt of crisps!!!!!
I can't stand it anymore…….Now I know why we left. :thumb:
Started the house hunting and it's amazing to believe how tiresome this is. Looked at about 20 and only one or 2 really suitable. But we must decide.
Getting on with admin. Doctors, dentist – one filling - £40 – opticians, - new glasses - £200! Solicitors, Estate Agents, removals firms, insurance.
Got the Mondeo back on the road. Rob did a great job MOT-ing it and getting it going. Thanks, Rob, we’d have been snookered without it. :thanks2:

Took van and Smartie to SMC in Newark for service and habitation. Here's hoping it's all OK. (needs 2 rear tyres)

Starting to pack up as a move in mid-May seems likely. Boxes everywhere. Selling items on eBay and a wardrobe has gone already. Hope we can get to Belgium with Sue on 20th April.
Caught up with old friends – Eileen, Andy and Caroline in Grantham on Saturday. Shirl went out with the girls on Monday. Went for lunch on Wed with Carol and Jim. Derrick and Jean popped round on Wed night. Seeing Dave and Maria on Sat and after the boot fair at Bottesford on Sunday going for lunch with Carol and Tim at Hough. Meeting up with Malcolm from Ct at lunch today. Nice to see these friends after a year away.
Made a bid on house in Barrowby Gate. Waiting for acceptance but we will need to increase the bid I think. Need to exchange on North Parade before we can relax.
Off to Peterborough to the Motorhome Show to see Sue et al on the 15th. Hopefully, the van and Smartie will be back by then.
No photos, hope to see you on the 28th
M and D

*** STOP PRESS ***
SMC called. Van passed MOT OK. Hurrah!
Smartie didn’t. Requires new exhaust, tyre, brakes and suspension. EEK!:Eek!:
We’re still ahead so it's still worth it.

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