Day 394 – Burgos to North Parade – 31 Mar 11

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Day 394 – Burgos to North Parade – 31 Mar 11
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Hi Clo,
Home at last!:shout:

Drove to Burgos last Thursday, 24th, through the middle of Madrid. Really simple and no problem except for one ‘Strasbourg’ moment when Doc Brown and I had a misunderstanding and a very large lorry nearly took us out. Apart from that it's a straight road on dual carriageway all the way to Burgos. Went through some clouds at the top of the hill and snowploughs were manned and ready – but no sign of the white stuff. Saw another 5 Osborne Bulls en-route – so that makes 13 that we’ve seen altogether.

Sites a bit iffy, but OK. Left Smartie attached so got two pitches for the price of one. Full of wags off to Santander. Good wi-fi but can't get the BBC – odd. Mum’s gone for wander whilst I catch up on stats and have a snooze. Seems an interesting town – the home of El Cid and Sophia Loren!

Birthday spent touristing around Burgos, mainly in the impressive cathedral and finding El Cid. Had some tapas and got a bollocking from a bar owner for drinking white wine and not red!

Mum made me walk 3 miles home – so all in all a great day. Not even a pressie to be seen.

Hung about in dodgy weather with a leaking roof until Monday morning. This part of Spain is grim in bad wx. Set early-ish on Monday for Santander and the ferry.

Straightforward journey on very good roads. Found docks easily and queued up for loading. I might have booked our van in as 3m tall instead of 4m tall – to save a few quid - so we were getting mighty nervous when everyone had loaded except us. What a faff. The boat set off 30 minutes late and you wouldn’t have thought they did this every day. Luckily we got on board but they put us in the wrong lane and when it came to unloading we were stuck. We couldn’t get under the car deck cos of the bloody top box so we blocked everyone in until the cars all went!!
The crossing across infamous Bay of Biscay was calm. No white caps, wind or swell. Nice boat with entertainment and bingo which I nearly won! Food pleasant but exchange rate of €1.30 to £ extortionate.
Passed the very sad sight of HMS Ark Royal in Pompey harbour awaiting scrapping. What a waste. I think we’ll regret it one day.22-1
Got to Alan and Mary’s OK and had Fish n Chips for supper and set off bright and early for home. Apart from a mad 15 miles around the Dartford tunnel it was an easy 4 hours.
Got home - Welby – at 2.20 pm on 30 March – 375 days after first leaving. The van did brilliantly and I just hope all is well at service and MOT.
Chatted with Jim and Carol – whose van is in dock again!!!! And then loaded up Smartie and got home to find it warm and welcoming. Rob has really looked after the old place – but we won’t miss the 49 stairs up and down. Lots of mail but Rob had sorted most of it. Today will be spent doing admin – house buying/selling, insurances, bank, solicitor etc etc!
Sooner we are back in Spain the better. Might make Belgium depending on completion date for move. Let's hope so!
Speak again when we have found a house. Here's hoping all goes smoothly and we can continue our itinerary as planned.


M and D

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