Day 375 - Roquetas/Cuevas – 12 Mar 11

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Day 375 - Roquetas/Cuevas – 12 Mar 11
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Hi Clo
Well, we eventually left Cabopino after 13 weeks. Sad but had to be done. Was getting rainy. But have reserved our plot for 1 Nov – so we’ll be back. :BigGrin:
Walked from Puerto Banus to Marbella with Paul and Jackie and had a great lunch on the beach. Oh my feet!
Went for a final nights Schnelli at a local German restaurant. Far too much pork schnitzel but really nice and good value. Walked into Cabopino after for a farewell drink.
Looking forward to November.
Set off at 0900 to Roquetas. Lovely drive with great views and little traffic.
4 hours and got the same slot in a camp dominated by Germans. Roquetas is a boring site with nothing local to see or do. The bar was like walking into Royston Vasey! The town is even worse. A bit of a building site which we can't work out. Are they building up for tourism – or had they started and ran out of money?
Went up a single track road to the camp and ran into traffic. Not wide enough but I would'nt back up. So 6 cars had to! One up to the Motorhomers!
Very warm here and sultry. Went for a drive to Almeria and Carole got her trip to the Alcazabar which she missed in Malaga. The castle on the hill, really. Quite interesting I suppose – great views over the Medina. Heavy Arab influences here in Almeria.
Setting off early tomorrow to see Julian and Josie at Vera. Should be a good visit. Supposed to be a rainy week. Can get on with the book, maybe. 54000 words now.
Got back to van and got message from the Estate Agent – House Sold! STC. Hoorah! Out with the fizz. Only hope the survey doesn’t reveal any skeletons. Now we have to find a house to buy. :Doh:
And it turned out to be a Perfect Day! The Clarets beat ‘ull at the KC to get even closer to the play-offs and maybe auto promotion. Dare to Dream!
Got to Cuevas Mar after a short and uneventful trip on the autovia. Rainy but no problem. Josie and Jules met us and we walked 50 metres to Monica’s bar for wine and tapas. Then a trot to their local and dinner in their rented flat after a walk to the beach. Rollers beating down – very impressive under grey Spanish skies.
Of to see the cave dwellers in Cuevas Almanzar tomorrow and a trip to Mojacar with J and J.
Raining quite heavily tonight – but we are dry!
J and J picked us up and we drove to Almanzar to see the caves where people used to live. Some looked as if they were occupied up until quite recently.
Then on to Mojacar and lunch. Very quiet due to season. Mojacar Playa is very touristy and we found a campsite El Cantal, which we might stay at in October.
Mazarron – here we come……..
Nice and dry when we got here but grey skies and windy. Goodish pitch near to facilities. I’m sorting out the computer which has Shite reception whilst Shirl goes a-wandering. The wx is due to pick up and get sunny tomorrow.
Went for Fish n Chips – v nice! At local restaurant. Then stuck our heads in at the Carnaval Dance on Camp. Wx rainy again today. Will investigate and report in next blog. Very cheap to stay here if you book and pay in advance - €11 per night inclusive.
Speak soon
M and D

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