Day 355 – Cabopino – 19 Feb 11

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Cabopino 8
Day 355 – Cabopino – 19 Feb 11
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Hi Clo
Well, we decided to stay another 3 weeks. Weather is still good – so why move?:Cool:
The power interrupts have stopped but now the water is off today after one of the power points up the hill caught fire last night. They need to do some basic electrical maintenance here. It's pretty poor compared to most sites we’ve experienced. I’m going to cover up my electrical connection before it rains again.
Going to the races at the Mijas Hipodromo. Should be interesting.
Quite a few people there. €5 to get in. Loads of restaurants and bars open and Flamenco dancing between races. Of course we lost our shirts!! There was a boot fair straight after but such a dick-dance we decided to go back next week instead.
Came back and got kidnapped again by Pat and Maria. Started raining tonight and the next 2 or 3 days looks dodgy. Never mind, perhaps I can get on with the book. 40,000 words and counting. Still got my cold though. Had to buy some more Spanish Day Nurse.
Off to Cabopino tonight for romantic Valentines Supper…yuk!!! Hope we don’t get too wet.:Doh:
90 days since a mossie bite. I don’t think there are any in S Spain.
Great night out at the Italian Restaurant for Valentines with Pat and Maria. Excellent singer and good food and company. Mum was dancing – what a surprise!!!
Rained a bit today and some showers on Wed but set fair till we leave on 7 March. If it does deteriorate we’ll just go early. Still got this bloody cold. 11 days and counting. Just can't shake it.
Went for another nice long walk along the beach today – glorious weather. Then out for ‘Fish and Chips’ with Pat and Maria.
Quiet day today. BBQ and chill. Weather looks great and the camp is having a free BBQ on Wednesday.:thumb:
All for now
M and D
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