Day 346 – Cabopino – 11 Feb 11

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Cabopino 7
Day 346 – Cabopino – 11 Feb 11
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Hi Clo
Don’t like to mention it but the weather has greatly improved. Dad has gone off for the day to play golf with Pat. I bet he’s having a great time ; at least Pat will be giving him a run for his money.
Yes, Pat’s a very good golfer and beat me 3+1. It was a very tough course, very hilly and long. Definitely needed a cart. Would have been far too long for Mum. Pat said that his old golf course in Ireland cost €15000 just to join!!!! You’ve got to play well to do that.:Doh:
I’m just doing ‘bits’ around the wag and have just finished ironing outside in the sun.

It’s all very quiet here now that the Morrises have left. Their pitch wasn’t empty for long and we have new neighbours. You would never believe it but their names are Paul and Maxine – spooky.

Decided to go out for supper yesterday to Mario’s on the campsite. I thought it would be a laugh to watch ‘Neil Diamond’ again, but unfortunately we left it a bit late and there were no tables left, so it was a couple of drinks, and then off to get a Pizza ‘to go’. Not quite the same I know.
We are now organising the rest of our stay in the hope we can get a few more ‘touristy’ visits in, so we are hoping to include Malaga, Fuengirola for lunch and another visit to Puerto Banus. It’s their market day on Saturday and we have been told that the old town is worth a visit. You just didn’t get an opportunity to see anything there – did you?

Well, after taking on some duff gen on how to bus it into P Banus we arrived in the sun and had a quick look around the market and the bric-a-brac stalls (and buying 2 more necklaces) before having a quick breakfast to build our strength up for our walk back into Marbella. It must be about a 3 mile walk from the harbour at P Banus, so we sauntered along a very busy promenade enjoying the weather and views, with a few stop-offs at various beach bars for the odd glass of vino – as one does. Eventually we arrived in Marbella for a rather late Tapas lunch in the late afternoon sun and back to the campsite to bid a final farewell to Bill and Sue. I must observe that the Spanish do themselves no favours with their general lack of service in restaurants. We tried 3 that made us wait in excess of 15 minutes without even an acknowledgement. With 20% unemployment you’d think they would employ more waiters in very busy restaurants.:Angry:

The rest of the weekend was very restful with a quiet BBQ, the final half of a footie match at Julie’s at the Marina and then a stroll along the beach to watch an absolutely spectacular sunset. What more could you ask for?

Unfortunately ,for me, our trip to Malaga was a bit of a disappointment as the two main things I went to have a look at – the Alcazaba and the Picasso museum – are closed on a Monday so it was a quick return to Fuengirola where we had a Plat de Dias lunch on the front overlooking the beach. By the time we returned Bill was feeling a bit shabby and that now has developed in to full blown cold! Not quite sure where that came from!
Quite a strong cold this one and hanging on. Cleaned the roof of the van before we set off north and towards Mazarron and then home on 28 March.
Went to Mijas Golf to visit Dougie and Elizabeth who we met at Vilanova. A nice lunch followed by a tour of the timeshare complex. Very similar to Lake Buena Vista in Florida.
Decided to stay at Cabopino for an extra 3 weeks. We will still meet up with J and J in Vera and now do just 10 days at Mazarron to check it out for next year.:thumb:
All for now
M and D

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