Day 32 - Grantham - 3 Apr 10

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My Other Car’s A Ford ::bigsmile:riving2:

Well, yes, we’ve gone & done it. Didn’t mean to but it just happened – and what can you do when temptation rears it’s ugly head & you are as weak & pathetic as we are!
The lovely couple who own the paddock where we keep our ‘wag rang up yesterday morning to ask if I would pop round & take some photos of their car for selling on eBay as they had bought themselves a newish Smart Cat for towing behind their Burstner.
So we trooped round & before we knew it, I had gone for a test drive & had ageed a price…


Yes, we have bought a Smart Car!! 20,000 miles, LHD & just perfect for us in Europe. We had been talking about buying one for the last year, but we were going to wait until next year. Until this happened.

But of course, it doesn’t stop there. Even though it only cost £250 – which is a great bargain – we had to get hold of a trailer & get it to Grantham ASAP as we set off again on 15 April for 11 months. We soon found that anew trailer could cost £1500+VAT, so we started scouring the internet & phonebooks & eBay.

They’ve got them on eBay but the problem was picking it up as the only towing facility we have is on the ‘wag. They eBay trailers were going for around £1000 so we rang a dealer in W Sussex & he had one – second hand -08 – for £1000 plus delivery. We did a deal & he is going to deliver it to Newark next week. Job done. SMC will ensure that all of our electrics are OK & we’ll tow the whole shooting match off to Lake Garda in May.

nsurance is about £130 but its full road tax as its a 98 W plate. Does 50+ to the gallon & cruised nicely at 60+. MOT will have to be done even tho it was done in Jan – to be current til next April. Road tax in July.

Only real annoyance was P & O. Already booked the ferry from Dover in May – £37. Rang them up to add the trailer – an extra £60!!!!!!!! Daylight robbery, but they’ve got you over a barrel. Pure profiteering.

Anyway , I’m not going to let them spoil our day. Looking forward to the extra flexiblilty it will give us. And even if it falls to bits in a year – for £250 you can’t lose. The trailer keeps its value. And we’ll save money on buses, trains, taxis & tours! Can’t wait.:thumb:
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