Day 315 – Cabopino – 11 Jan 2011 (11-1-11)

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Day 315 – Cabopino – 11 Jan 2011 (11-1-11)
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Hi Clo
Sun’s out & looking good for the next fortnight. Hope the new job starts well. Looking forward to your visit on 20th. Will send instructions for journey from airport. It’s really easy but as it’s dark it might help.
Well as you saw from the photos on our last blog we had a good New Year’s evening with plenty of food and some good music from Alan the guitarist! We made it until about 01.00 am then thought we had better not upset the neighbours so it was off the bed. Believe it or not, I was fit as a fiddle the next morning up and about clearing away the confetti from the floor of the awning – with hindsight it was a good job I stopped dad buying the ‘snow’ spray!

But what a good start to 2011 – the sun shone and is forecast to do so for the next 14 days – hurrah at last we can dry out! It was nice to take a brisk walk along the beach to blow away the cobwebs to set ourselves up for another year.

We decided to take a drive to Mijas which I’m sure you will enjoy when you are over here. 5985 It’s a hillside town with terraced typical ‘Spanish’ whitewashed houses, very pretty. It has a small bullring and museum and there are some fantastic views from the ramparts. I almost bought another leather jacket but sense overtook me at the last moment, which is unusual for me, but I did managed to bargain a really good price based on the fact that I was wearing a jacket which I had bought 4 years ago. How’s that for restraint!
Also discovered in Mijas that a 50 Baht coin from Thailand looks very much like a 2 Euro coin. Only found out when a shopkeeper rejected it so we passed it on as a tip after a not so good meal. So BEWARE!:Angry:
We went into Marbella by bus just to check out the Morocco trip with the travel agents and now it seems that a 3 day trip is now €145 all in which included a pickup from the campsite, which we didn’t realise was not included in the original price. We put it to the team and they all agreed it was the best option. So we are going mob handed on 18-20th Jan. It’ll be like Khamis but it will be Bill’s 78th country which is a good ‘tick’ for him as he is working up to a total of 100 before he ‘peg s it!’ (they’re his words). And then on the next day we meet up with you and Chris in Marbella for brunch! It’s all go.
Did Fuengirola market by bus today with Paul, Bill and Sue which was good for me because Paul and dad had a beer whilst I strolled around the market at my leisure. We had a good Italian Plat del Dia lunch and wandered around the old town. Will go back one evening as the tapas bars look interesting.
Alan and Mary returning to UK tomorrow. We’ll miss them but they are back in June as they have a gig at a local bar for July and August. Safe travels.
The Spanish celebrate their present giving on 6 January, so on the 5th we went back into Marbella for the ‘3 Kings Parade’ which is a carnival where sweet s are thrown from each float to the crowds. As you can imagine these are basically aimed at the children in the crowd but you wouldn’t think so, there was a man next to me who was elbowing kids out of the way so he could catch more sweets than anyone else. We had a good time scrabbling around collecting goodies and streamers for Ben and Jack’s party bag. We did pretty well, now we have a 1/3 of the spoils hanging in the awning and I’m just going to phone the dentist before we start on them!
Rain was predicted for the weekend but we were lucky it turned out to be something and nothing which was good. Saturday we shared a good ‘Chinese’ with the Morris’s and played cards and I feel ashamed to say I lost miserably much to Ben and Jacks delight. I will have to try harder in future.
We drove to Puerto Banus this morning, basically it is a rich man’s playground. Mega bucks! All the top fashion and jewellery shops you can think off, every other car a Porsche and floating palaces moored in the harbour. Sensibly, we decided on a couple of coffees and returned for lunch. I tried a bit of celebrity spotting but no one I recognised, but I can just imagine what it is like in the summer with people parading around just to be noticed.
You will be pleased to hear that we can expect sunny weather for the next two weeks Chloe – hurrah – but I’m sure you are checking for yourself regularly.

M and D
PS Hope you have a less stressful week at work this week and we have better luck with our next Skype.


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