Day 303 – Cabopino – 30 Dec 10

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Day 303 – Cabopino – 30 Dec 10

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Hi Clo,

HURRAH…got new computer – but its Windows 7 & doing my head in……here’s our blog since it went down….

Your mother will have been home to see you by now and I’m expecting her back tonight. I hope she enjoyed herself and has probably worn her voice out!

Got to Cabopino in Marbella on 7 Dec and we found a nice pitch.

A Funster called Pete:BigGrin: called in to see us for a beer and a welcome chat and that evening ( Thursday 9th) we were invited to an Christmas party in one of the wags. Great bunch of people and the awning was superb. Great Christmas decs and now your mother wants some!!

Thanks to Eve and John for being such great hosts and making us feel so welcome.

Been investigating the local area and mum is getting herself ready for the trip home. Hope the weather is not too cold for her. I’m going to be hosted by some of the bachelors here so I might not get too much time for writing my book!

Dropped in for quick beer with Pat and Maria - 7 hours later got back to wag via Mario’s and a spag bol and a mad French woman!!!! Don’t ask! I’m having a night off tonight.:Doh:

Walk into Cabopino, quick drive to Lidls, lunch, airport – BED!

Mum got home safely and texted at about 1.00am your time. A little delayed but safe and sound.

Quiet day for me today – get on with the book. Paul, Maxine and the twins arrived so will pop over to see them.

Sunday went round to Pat:thumb: and Maria for steak supper – excellent evening and a great laugh. They are off to Ireland on 21st until the NY so we’ll miss them. Paul and Max and the twins are settled in and Paul and I have been to watch footie, shopped at Lidls and visited Fuengirola market – so I’ve got it all sussed for Shirl when she returns on Friday. Think we might do a mass trip to Morocco around 15 Jan.

Sue and Bill arrive tomorrow so it will be good to see them again. Yes it was great to see them and they are both looking well. They got a nice pitch which should stay dry. They came round for supper & we had a good reminisce.

Went round to Paul & Max’s on Thursday for a chilli. Now its time to clean the wag up for your mothers return. She’s been co-ordinating the roof back home & its looking good. She’s due back on the 2000 flight on Friday 17th.

She got back OK and on time after an exciting week and had time to visit Brysie & Hils in Settle as well as seeing all her girlfriends and generally catching up on gossip!

We didn’t do too bad, arrived back at the wag at 9 pm and by 9.15 pm we were partying on site and had a nice evening with Alan playing his guitar. What a talent! Used to play with the Searchers & other bands in the 60’s & 70’s.

Started raining on Saturday but roof is keeping out the water,,,for now. We had a Paella Sunday with a crowd & Alan played for about 4 hours. Brilliant.

Rained again on 20th – quite hard but still dry. & the 21st – so we couldn’t go to Fuengirola market. Running down to Xmas now & most evenings we have somewhere to go. Went over to see Max & Paul at the villa in Puerto Banus for 22/23rd. Very nice. Pat & Maria got away but terribly delayed by snow. A bit like you & your 10 hour drive to Yorkshire!

Back for Xmas eve & Alan & Mary dropped in. Xmas day spent sipping fizz mostly and after Christmas brunch we sipped more fizz. Then more fizz in Cabopino & so Boxing Day was a write-off! Enough said.

Did some shopping in Smartie and played some golf in Mijas. Pleasant course but difficult. Mum would add that it was very challenging and far too much water! Quiet week really waiting for new computer to arrive on 30th.

I don’t like to mention it but we have had more rain and the roof did leak, but it was a good day for Bill as the computer man arrived with the new computer. I am now sitting at the far end of the wag listening to him cursing and swearing at the screen as he tries to familarise himself with Office 7 again.

NYE will be a quietish affair. 10 of us are going to have a ‘Safari Supper’. We’ll wander about the camp sharing & quaffing. Should be fun. A full report will be in our next letter.

Speak soon


M & D

PS Glad to hear that you had a good Christmas in the Yorkshire Dales but shame you broke down on the way home. Skype tonight to catch up.

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