Day 3 - 05 March 10 - Crystal Palace

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Hi Clo,

Stand by this is my first blog! Carrying on from Bill’s input we had a really good evening with Alan and Mary. Claire, Jim and the kids came around in the evening and Mary cooked an excellent meal. Too much booze as usual, and I even had to send my brother to bed – it was that bad!


Yesterday Alan took us for a tour around the local area. The weather was great and we started by visiting Arundel.

A really picturesque town overlooked by Arundel Castle. Loads of quaint shoppes and narrow lanes to walk around. There were so many Tea Rooms, all offering wonderful selection of cakes and goodies and I was tempted to stop at many, but alas there would have been a serious overloading problem in the wag if I had so!


Then it was on to breezy Bognor Regis for fish & chips on the prom. We know how to live! Then finally to Littlehampton with spectacular views of the South Downs on our return to Pulborough.
The morning, after farewells, we left for the short drive to Crystal Palace. How Bill managed to drive through Croydon without hitting anything I do not know. There was so much traffic – surprise surprise – but we arrived in good time. We are now set up, been shopping, and Bill the plumber is now trying to repair a blocked kitchen sink. No swearing as yet…… I think we shall have a quiet evening in catching up in e-mails and blogs and I am looking forward to meeting us with Sarah and Ron tomorrow.

Next blog will be Monday – watch this space.

x M & D
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