Day 282 – Marbella – 9 Dec 10

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La Manga / Roquetas /Cabopino

Day 282 – Marbella – 9 Dec 10

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Hi Clo,

Went on the trip to Calpe but didn’t see where we stayed in '88 as we were the wrong side of the ‘Rock’. Nice visit to the fish auction – fish is sold so cheaply I don't see how the fishermen make a living!

Set off from Almafra bright and early as all the Spanish were arriving for the long holiday – Fri 3rd to Wed 8th.

Peter and Joan, the C and CC stewards were really friendly and helpful and tried to include us even though we were not on the rally.

Many thanks to them and we will be renewing our membership as a result. I will write to C & CC to let them know.:BigGrin:

Straightforward trip to La Manga. First impressions not bad but we got given a stupid pitch down a cul-de-sac. It didn’t help that the reception staff were abrupt and that the camp pitch plan is completely wrong. (no, not your mother this time!!!). We had to detach Smartie and push it 50 yards to the pitch.:shout:

Pauline and Brian from Bonterra were here on a C and CC rally and we chatted about the site. They seemed happy enough but we did note an air of disquiet. Restaurant OK-ish but toilets/showers terribly small and water dribbled out. They were very Hi di Hi! There were lots of statics & permanents, you know the type, bits and pieces from the builder’s yard, some had their own UPVC door and little lattice windows. If you look very closely you can actually see that’s it all attached to a very small caravan. Bloody Wi-Fi didn’t work either! €5 down the drain.

Therefore, we decided that we needed to look elsewhere for our trip back in February. We jumped into Smartie and drove 50 mile to Mazarron Bay and checked out a couple of sites. Doc Brown took us through the hills and we got a bit nervous but found it in the end with a superb view of the bay from the mountains. Saw Maxine and Paul with the twins waiting at Madrilles for a new windscreen – should see them in Marbella later.

Best site was Playa De Mazarron and we hope to go back there in mid-February as they are FULL till then. We will then go direct to Madrid from there on our way home.

We got a refund from La Mankie! and set off to Roquetas after a couple of false starts. Had to put on my yellow jersey to check out gas smell – but it came to nothing. Think it was a garage we passed or rotting veg!! Longish drive but all on the toll AP-7 road and not another vehicle in sight. Amazing and only €10 toll for the whole journey. Well worth it.

Doc Brown got us lost in Roquetas but a very helpful Spanish chap sent us down a cart track insisting the campsite was just around the corner – and sure enough it was. Scruffy site in the Italian style but friendly. The local Germans helped us push the trailer and Smartie into the slot and then I parked up. Mum has walked down to the beach after getting instructions from another couple in an Autotrail. I’ve done a few running repairs on the gas door and water tank insulation and drains. We are still leaking – also now from above my head in driver seat!!!!!

We have met another nice friendly couple, Pete and Julie, who were full of good gen about France. We had an early evening drink and hopefully we will meet up with them again next year on our return journey when we can catch up with things.

Joy of joys, we have arrived at our final destination – Marbella – after a 4 hour drive. The motorway ran out on us along the way so we had a very pretty coastal ride from Adra to Almuncar. This is definitely serious tomato country! Miles upon miles of tomato plants all under protective covering and the surprising thing is it’s almost impossible to buy sun dried tomatoes out here! Stopped in Torrenueva (Newcastle) for a rest and a snack.

Tried to get LPG at the garage which said it had it. No such luck. ‘It's a meestake, meester!’ So anyone who wants LPG on the A7 at J244 near Malaga – forget it! :Angry:

Camping Cabopino is a pleasant terraced campsite, and to make sure we made the right choice we searched on foot for a suitable pitch as we had heard that pitches were prone to flood after a heavy downpour. Well, we could have walked up further to level ‘O’ but at ‘F’ we decided to make our decision and duly parked up on a hardstanding stony pitch. A bit small but with a lot of messing, and a celebratory bottle of Cava, we have managed to get everything set up even if Smartie does have two wheels on the road. The weather is well over 20 degrees and we were sitting out in shorts once again up until about 6.30 pm having a glass of wine with Pat and Maria from Benicasim, which isn’t bad for December! Unfortunately for me this pleasure is short lived as I will be returning home on Saturday to catch up with you and friends for a week, in the cold and snowy English weather. Not quite sure who is getting the better deal here, Bill being left in peace in the sun for a week, or me travelling through the snow! I have dug deep into my winter case and am well armed with my puffer jacket, hat and thermals so I feel well prepared for those sub zero temperatures …..brrrrrrrrrr!

Went into Marbella for a drive and check out your hotel for January. Looks good and well situated. Easy transit from airport and Cabopino. Also looked into going to Tangiers – about €85 for 2 nights. Seems good for January as well.

See you at Stansted on Saturday Chloe, ( if it's not too foggy)


M and D
xxx :Rofl1:

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