Day 275 – Albir – 2 Dec 10

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Benidorm 3

Day 275 – Albir – 2 Dec 10

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Hi Clo

Well, it's raining here but not quite as cold as you must be. Only 10C in Benidorm but nice and cosy in the wag at around 20C.

We hear that there has been another tube strike so I expect you are chuffed about that.

Dirks a granddad now so here’s a photo of the doting in-laws. :Laughing:

Roof’s just about done so that’s pleasing. Rob’s done us proud with the organisation. Thanks Rob.

Went to a do in t’ club on Saturday after Burnley’s late, great victory over the Rams. :BigGrin:Nice evening with Josie and Julian who live in Selby. They’ve left for the UK now in their huge wag but we should see them in Spain next year and in Selby next summer. Dad dreaded me going into their RV, and almost put a blindfold on me. They have a real sofa to sit on and a sliding-out wall to enlarge the sitting area! Wow – I want one of those!

It starting to get better weather wise although we understand that snow is creeping all over the UK. Off to Benidorm tonight for a Tapas Crawl in Tapas Alley! Didn’t make it as rain continued. But we are playing golf in the morning.

Drove out to the 18 hole Pitch and Putt. Very enjoyable and only €12.50 each which is not bad. Thanks Peter.

Got to Tapas Alley and tried a few but our downfall was spicy sausage in cider and paprika sauce. Did us in! :Doh:Then we had giant squid eggs by mistake. That finished us off. So we stumbled along the prom and had a coffee with Tia Maria and waffle and ice cream. Surprise, surprise, your mother doubled up in pain as we got off the bus outside the campsite and has only just cleared the system!

On a brighter note we did the quiz and won – and we only had 3 in our team instead of 4.:thumb:

Washing and cleaning and packing and shopping day today before we set off on Saturday for La Manga. Decided to stay an extra day so we can go on the free Blanket Trip to Calpe. Have to listen to an hour of sales before we set off. Never mind, it should be worth it. Then we go south for the final legs. We will check out the La Manga area to see where to stay in Feb/Mar. Then Marbella by Monday. Hopefully it will stay dry.

All for now

Love M and D
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