Day 270 – L’Alfas Del Pi – 27 Nov 10

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Benidorm 2

Day 270 – L’Alfas Del Pi – 27 Nov 10

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Hi Clo,

You were very quiet this weekend, so we suspect you had a good one. Was it the usual busy round of socialising?:thumb:

We never made it into Benidorm last Friday as it rained, so we couldn’t see the point of turning out on such a lousy night. We will just have to save it up for next week.

On Saturday we strolled into the village of L’Alfas de Pi with the sun shining. Stopped for coffee, but soon the skies darkened so it was a quick retreat back to the campsite, but not before we had popped in to ‘shit’ shop to get something that resembled a fridge vent cover, to replace the one which fell off on our way here. You see, you can buy anything in these shops; it just takes a bit of lateral thinking. I think we now have a bit of plastic shelving stuck onto the side of the wag! It looks fine. We were going to stroll to the campsite bar for a drink in the evening and get to know a few people, but on arrival we had an initial spy, and it looked so empty and dismal that we turned around and headed back. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

We drove into Benidorm on Sunday to the Fleamarket, which was quite entertaining. Basically full of Brits selling bit and pieces, and I should think to some it’s a way of making ends meet. I get the feeling that the Brits out here are feeling the pinch. We stocked up on second-hand reading books and bought a few cheap DVDs to watch in the evenings. Eventually we took a very breezy walk along the Levante prom to the old town where they were celebrating the Festival of the Artichoke! Yes, you hear me correctly! I decided to buy some artichokes just to see what I have been missing all these years, well, in a word, nothing. I am told you can do anything with them, stuff ‘em, bake ‘em, steam ‘em, even dip ‘em, but believe me it makes no difference they are still pretty tasteless. :Doh:

The dreaded curse of the barking dogs has returned. We can hear dogs howling and barking through the night, and its driving dad mad! :Angry: He’s back on the old sleeping pills, but obviously this isn’t the way forward else he’ll eventually become a zombie, and then I will have to do the driving! Who knows it might an early exit from Benidorm, if we can’t find a solution.

Today (Monday) is not so breezy, but an excellent washing drying day! We went off on a cycling ride to the coast at Albir which is about 4 kms away. We started off with the local rally people just so we knew we were going, what cheats, then off on our bikes, and left the others to complete their 8 mile walk! :Eeek: We had a very pleasant ride along the coast to Altea port, cup of coffee and a sit in the sun. Back at base the sun was still hot so just general outside jobs.

Our first week has been a changeable mixture of weather. As usual we have been busy I have been to a couple of Pilates classes and then I though I would chance my hand at Aero Latina! Well, I just about lasted the hour, and I now know I do not have any rhythm whatsoever and I could have been everyones grandmother! There were 12 youngish ladies and the instructor who was a lithe Caribbean looking lass with limbs that were so bendy she would have made a contortionist look awkward, and to top it they were all Spanish. It would have given you a good laugh Chloe!

We have also been on a coach trip with our adopted C and C people, to a hilltop village of Guadalest. This is an old Moorish enclave with fantastic views across very barren looking mountains. A more recent train journey took us north to Denia, on a very overcast day, and believe me the journey was the most exiting part of the day. About an hour on the journey took us along couple of quite hairy bends through a really scenic mountain track with some great views of the countryside and coastline. Really nice train and only about £4.50 return – a bargain. Unfortunately the weather did not help to bring Denia alive, it was quiet and deserted. The old town looked interesting and we tried to imagine how it would be in the summer months when the cafes and bars would be busy with people. Anyway, you can always rely on us Eatons to find a tapas bar open for a dish of Albondigas (spicy meatballs in tomato sauce) and a glass of wine. It just hit the spot! On our return we alighted at Altea for another smooch around, but by this time it was getting a little chilly so another tapas and – yes you got the idea another glass of wine. Then it was onto Albir to collect our lottery winnings, all of 10 euros, which we immediately put towards more lottery numbers for Friday!

It would seem that we have the headlines back in good old Grantham! A letter appeared last week under ‘Disgusted of Long Bennington’ complaining about the traffic hold-up on a Thursday morning along North Parade where some selfish people were unloading scaffolding and causing havoc and mayhem. Seemingly it caused so much trouble people were late for work and children for school! Who could those thoughtless people have been - I wonder? Anyway if ‘Disgusted’ wants a quiet life I suggest she doesn’t come into Grantham this Friday as I believe the scaffolding is being dismantled! But you will be glad to know that all is now well with our roof, repairs completed, under the supervision of Rob and Pete!

Friday saw us at the market and we are just off to a Prawn Lunch with the ralliers. Should be boozy I fancy! We’ve been invited a few authentic Tapas bar in Benidorm next week – along Tapas Alley (where else!)

Expecting rain tomorrow, Sat, and then it should pick up for Sunday and the boot fair again.

The Only Sue has been in touch and we are planning a trip to Brugge next April before we come to LeeValley to see you. Fancy a week in Brugge in the wag?

Windy and cold outside so I’ll post. Spent a very pleasant evening with a couple we met at the prawns do…hello Julian and Josie – have a safe trip back to Blighty next week.

Bye for now


M and D

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