Day 27 - Grantham - 29 Mar 10

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Home at Last…

Hi Clo

Got back home for our temporary sojourn in Grantham. Spent 4 days in Littlehampton & then travelled up to Newark for the Caravan & Motorhome Spring Fair & joined up with 60 other wags from Motorhome Fun. We met some of the folks going to Lake Garda in May & learned a load of new stuff about Motothomin’. Some of these owners have got wags the size of a planet!!! Also spent another £300 on stuff for the wag – it never ends.

Littlehampton CC site was very nice. Brand new & very tidy & clean & spacious & friendly. [​IMG]Not too busy either. Weather was average but the town itself was closed. I mean it’s not worth a visit. It’s very run down & quiet. Compared to Brighton & Eastbourne its a ghost town. We travelled to Chichester for a bus ride just to get out a bit. It rained.
[​IMG]For my birthday, Mum bought me a crossword programme for the ‘Intendo – which she played all day!! We had a nice supper in, as the 2 local pubs were awful. One was a fighting pub & the other was 5 star £50 a head stuff. Glad to leave really.


Mums learning all about clouds now, as well!!!
Trip to Newark went quite well. We left at 0830 & stopped for a Nigel at Harlow and then Mum had a drive from Wittering up to the showground at Newark. 210 miles took just over 5 hours. Not too bad & only £1.50 to cross Dartford. Bargain!
There were about 1000 Motorhomes & Caravans parked on the Newark Showground & we were in the Motorhome Fun group. Nice crowd – friendly & helpful. Saw the Blues Brothers on Friday night & then chatted till Mum fell over. Got up early on Saturday & shopped til we dropped. Same thing on Sat night.


Left early on Sunday as we were in need if a shower and our water system was dodgy. Got back to Welby around noon & home an hour later. Rob was here to meet us & we spent the day unpacking & catching up. He is a really good house sitter. It was cleaner than when we left.
Saw your stuff stored all round & Mum said she was surprised how tidy it was. Wag goes in for servicing & modifications at SMC in Newark on Wed – so we are in for a mega bill. Got to be done if we are away all that time. Can’t have major snags on the road.

We are catching up with admin now & will see you at the weekend for a final farewell. Party gammon on the boil!

M & D
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