Day 263 – Benidorm – 20 Nov 10

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Day 263 – Benidorm – 20 Nov 10

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Hi Clo

High drama!:helpsos:

We left Bonterra Park after 31 days having said our fond farewells to the people we had met during our stay. Hooked up the Smartie and drove out of the campsite. As we did so, I mentioned to Shirl that the trailer seemed a bit sluggish. Anyway, we drove through Benicasim and as we approached the outskirts, after just going over a particularly bad bump in the road, a scooter behind us started bibbing and pointing to the trailer. They drew up alongside and for a second I thought we were the victims of a bandit gang – but being so close to the town made that unlikely.

The pair on the scooter were Brits and indicated that smoke was pouring out of the right trailer wheel. We couldn’t stop there and so I headed for the petrol garage on the edge of town where I was planning to refuel anyway. We pulled in and examined the offending wheel. No smoke but a very strong smell of burning. What to do? I thought about waiting an hour and setting off again. However, if the wheel bearings had gone then we would have been in trouble.:cry: At least where we were was safe and 2 minutes back to Bonterra if we had to stay overnight. So we rang the AA via our Safeguard insurance and they were GREAT. Called us back and the pick up truck was with us within the hour. Took the trailer – which I had unloaded, to a garage in Castellon and I followed in Smartie.

So Shirl was left in charge of the wag. She hadn’t driven it for 18 months but duly took it back to Bonterra across a very busy road and through Benicasim which has a very busy and narrow high st. She even found a pitch and parked. I reckon that was brilliant bearing in mind she had only driven it once before. She said she really enjoyed it – so I will now let her drive it everywhere until we get home in April.

Anyway, I got back to Bonterra and the AA rang about 6pm and said we could pick up the trailer the next morning. It was binding breaks – so they had sorted both wheels out – which is probably a good thing as we’d dragged Smartie 3500 miles across Europe.

Got an early start next morning after some farewell Tapas in Benicasim. Of course, everyone was surprised to see us but we enjoyed a nice game of Petanque. Even got a game of Bingo in!

Got to the garage in Castellon with Shirl driving Smartie behind. Paid the bill - €111 – hitched up Smartie and set off. Very straightforward journey of nearly 150 miles on a very spooky AP7 motorway. Hardly anything on it. Very odd.

Got to Benidorm and found Almafra OK. Large, newish park with young trees. Lots of VERY big permanent motorhomes from all over Europe.:Eeek: There’s a rally for Brits which Shirl has managed to muscle in on as the steward is a very pleasant chap. We are paying by Camping Cheques - €15 pn – but they only qualify you for crappy, small pitches round the edge. However, we got the only CC pitch on the main site and it's huge. So we are saving €10 per day which is worth it. :thumb:

Going into Benidorm tonight on the bus to see the nightlife and have yet more bloody Tapas! And another market tomorrow!

We were luckier than our friends from Vilanova and Bonterra who went to a site near Granada and crashed their wag into the overhang of a shower block causing extensive damage. They had to spend time in a log cabin waiting for it to be repaired – so we were very lucky. If that scooter hadn’t stopped us we would not have noticed the hot wheel and the whole shebang could have gone up in flames 2 miles down the road – cos no blooming other motorist did anything!!!! And to add to the troubles one of the exterior fridge vents dropped off in transit and probably decapitated someone! So we’ll have to get a replacement sent out. I got a sort of plastic vent from a shit shop which is basically doing the job for now.

Anyway, that’s our drama over we hope for a while.

And we won €10 on the Euro Millions so maybe our lucks changing. Not that we are complaining. Mums at the spa whilst I catch up on paperwork.

Bye for now


M and D
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