Day 260 – Benicasim – 17 Nov 10

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Day 260 – Benicasim – 17 Nov 10

Hi Clo:Smile:

Nice to speak on Skype last night. Things are ticking along OK here. Weather has not been half as bad as predicted. Winds never appeared, so awning has gone back up and we are spending more time outside. Had to change the duvet over to a thicker one as night temps getting down to below 10 degrees.

Been on our own now for a while and settling into a routine. Played Petanque again today – Mum won , I lost. Lost at Bingo too. Not my lucky day – just hope the Clarets win against Donny tonight. Make up for everything – unfortunately they didn’t. Bad luck always comes in threes, at least that’s over for the day.

Another 2 points chucked down the drain. If they are not very careful they will find themselves in the bottom half of the table!

Sunny again today after a mini-blow last night. We have decided that a ‘Safari/Privacy Room’ at this time of year in Spain with the limited sunshine hours and low sun – is just not worth it. Even if we eat in the awning at around 6pm, we still have to go inside shortly afterwards. It's dark and chilly. Also the awning blocks out the little sun we have – so we have decided that a full awning is just not sensible at this time of the year. Perhaps we’ll go for a partial or just windblockers when we get further south. We have so much equipment that seems redundant now that the safari room is packed away. You got to remember that it was fully furnished, so everything surplus is now stuck under the wag. We even bought extra lighting and an electric radiator for it recently – how stupid is that! Oh well, perhaps they will come in useful should we see a need for it in Marbella.

We have just returned from a cycle trip to Oropesa which is the next small town north of here. There is a very good cycle path which has replaced the old railway line, and yes, obviously the tracks have been taken off and tarmaced! It’s a very pleasant coastal ride with good views across the sea, dad reckons it’s a total of 16 kms, and I can tell that by the way he is now walking! Oropesa :BigGrin:is just a small coastal town with a wide clean sandy beach in a bay with a back drop of a handful of high rise flats and hotels and a marina. We stopped and had a coffee and a plate of calamares, explored a little further along the coastal road to the lighthouse, and then home. I am very impressed with all the money that has gone into re-developing and promoting this area, and then I realised it is EU funded, so really we have all contributed towards it, so it’s pleasing that we are now enjoying it!!!

Been on a coach trip to Valencia today. Unfortunately I think the tour guide was trying to see how quickly she could show us around the city sites. On the good side it was definitely dad’s type of touring, you know what I mean – this is the Cathedral, this is the town square and onto the next point of interest. Talk about a whistle stop sightseeing morning. Then after visiting the ‘Fallas’ museum, they had the cheek to give us 4 hours to ‘kill’ in an area of little interest away for the city centre!!! I know it was close to a shopping centre, which normally I would be quite happy to stroll around, but seeing as I am not in the market for high heel shoes or an little evening number, it was of little interest to me. I know Chloe you will be shocked by this comment. :Eeek:

Just a short comment of the ‘Fallas’ museum - the exhibits are all from the Fallas festival held in the Valencia region in the week leading up to 19 March. Effigies are made, and these are as big as a building, very complex, and are constructed in different areas of the city as well as in smaller towns, only to be burnt on the final night. There are other events during the week – involving fireworks, parades and displays of flowers. It seems quite spectacular from the photos and examples of the best papier-mâché statutes in the museum. Well worth googling for more information. We are now trying to organise our return trip to tie in with this festival so we can spend some time enjoying and watching these festivities.

Bill and Sue set off for Benidorm on Sunday – after a rather late night – see below!! We should see them again at the weekend.

It has been quite a busy weekend as we discovered that the duet who entertained us at the Paella Party were at the restaurant on Saturday so a group of us went along for a meal and another good dance session was had by all. Sunday, I went for an 8-mile walk (at a very smartish pace I hasten to add) which on reflection was a good idea really as dad cooked one of his Paella Sunday lunches for 6 friends , so I didn’t feel quite so bad when I had ‘seconds’. Once again it was a great success! The men decided to continue the evening once us sensible ladies had departed, and it was a case of me supplying further sustenance in the form of chip butties to help soak the liquid up. Dad did seem a little worse for wear when he returned and after tripping up a couple of times fell comatose into bed and slept like a baby for 12 hours!

Another week for us and I’m still going to Pilates class and then it was off into Castellon for another ‘all you can eat’ at Wok King. I just know if Sue reads this she will be very jealous. There were 9 of us and we all managed plenty of courses, some more that others, and I am not naming any names, Billy!

It all sounds as though we are back on holiday when I re-read this letter, but you know it is hard work enjoying ourselves out here, you need to feel sorry for us!!! Anyway we now have a few quiet days of packing up the wag as we continue our travels further south to Benidorm on Thursday.

Look forward to our Skype this Wednesday,

Lots of Love

M and D


Hope the weather remains dry so the roof can be finished. :cry:Talking of which – we have STILL got water coming through the Heki roof light. Don't know how. It’ll be more bodge tape!
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