Day 250 - Benicasim - 7 Nov 10

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Benicasim 3

Day 250 – 7 Nov 10 for piccies

Hi Clo,

Well, nearly blown into outer space by the bloody winds last night. :shout:10 hours or more of constant pounding in the campsite. Don’t know how the awning didn’t collapse. Was out supporting it most of the night and didn’t get a wink of sleep. I do not know why the staff here do not warn campers about the wind – which is common knowledge and regular – and just say ‘ raise your awning at your own risk – it gets suddenly windy’. Then we’d all know.

If it does this again we are off. Mum hated it. So I checked with Almafra and we’ll probably go on Sunday after Biff and Erica have gone to Alicante. Their tent all but took off!

Also we got bad news re North Parade. Roof needs fixing - £5000!!!! :Doh: Rob has done a great job sorting it out but it's a bill we could have done without. So, all in all we are a bit tired and emotional today.

But never mind – we’ve got Bingo later.

Didn’t win the Bingo. Got close though. All the local Spanish OAPs turn up. It's quite amusing in 6 languages. Learning Dutch numbers now!

Went to the Paella Street Party on Wednesday. €6 for a good Paella, salad and beer. Great little two-piece band played till 5pm and your mother danced her feet off! Great afternoon. Slept from 8pm to 7am!:beer:

Next day was recovery day. Played Petanque and thoroughly enjoyed it but got thrashed. Have to buy some balls in town Ordered some parts for the awning and got some extra tent pegs .We will be taking the awning down on Sunday as it is forecast to rain on Monday and we aren’t prepared to risk the awning in this unpredictable wind especially as people say it can get up to 100mph!

Biff and Erica left today (Saturday) so we went to Wok King for a farewell lunch. They are off to Alicante to see Biff’s brother then return to Blighty via Santander and then finally back to Australia in January.

Awning down so mum can sleep at night now! Had some nice Dim Sum for lunch in Benicasim and are settling in for Strictly Come Dancing as mum has managed to wangle a watch on someone’s satellite!!! I think I’ll give it a miss. :help:

Well, all for now,

Speak soon


M and D


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