Day 244 - Benicassim - 1 Nov 10

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Benicassim 2

Day 244 – 1 Nov 10

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Hi Clo,

Arrival and Departure Special.

Well, Biff and Erica arrived and brought the rain with them. Had some heavy-ish rain on Saturday night and a couple of light showers on Sunday. But we still sat out all afternoon enjoying the Sunday Paella. Set fair for another week though and we’ve got Bingo tomorrow. Whoo-hoo!

Went to the camp restaurant for the Mexican Night on Saturday. Mildly entertaining with a v dodgy Mexican and his hat!

Got another leak in the main Heki. Dripped through on Sat morning but didn’t drip during the other 2 showers we had. Strange but true! I will have to get up there when it's completely dry and blatt it with sealant and then get SMC to do it properly in March – like I asked them last time!

Good result on Saturday against QPR. A point away at league leaders can't be bad. We always play well against good teams and crap against the rubbish. Dragged down to their level. Brysie sent me a Clarets Flag which I am going to fly on match days. Bloke in the caravan next door is a Claret as well – comes from Nelson.

Sue goes today and sets off to Santander via Zaragoza. Going via Plymouth as no boats to Pompey – all due to the bloody French strikers. Thanks Frogs! We’ll miss her cheery smile every morning and especially her bangers and mash and spicy chicken. Have a good trip Sue, and we’ll see you soon.

Also, off to La Manga for the winter are Brian and Pauline who we met at Vilanova and dropped in here for 10 days. Should see them again in early December when we drop into La Manga en-route to Marbella. Drive safely Brian and keep that mad Pauline under control!!!

All for now

Speak soon

M and D


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