Day 241 - Benicasim - 29 Oct 10

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Benicassim 1

Day 240 – 29 Oct 10 – Bonterra Park for piccies.

Hi Clo

Been a busy week. Lots of little jobs done around the van – changing bulbs, fixing leaks and fitting a new valve in the leaky cassette toilet.:Smile:

However, we’ve also done quite a bit. Mums been going to Spanish and Pilates classes and we’ve cycled into town a couple of times. Chocolate and Churros…mmmmm. Couldn’t find the railway station! Had a nice Chinese in Benicassim – only €7 for a set lunch including a beer. Excellent value. And they do Dim Sum so we’ll be going back.

Sue appears to be enjoying herself, :Cool: but the French political strife has affected her return. She has had to change her travel plans and is now going via the Santander Ferry to Plymouth. Then has to drive back to Essex, so is missing 4 days work. She can’t risk driving through France and not getting fuel so she has got 4 extra days in Benicassim. She’s having trouble extending her insurance as well. Apparently, you can’t do it whilst on holiday! You’ve got to be in the UK.

Sue’s not particularly happy but is lucky she booked yesterday (21st) as all ferries up to 11 Nov are now full! She definitely did the right thing. Got an e-mail from people we met at Vilanova saying they encountered a 30 mile tailback going into Calais a week ago!!

Bloody French! Why can't they just accept like everyone else that you reap what you sow – and we’ve all run out of money!:Doh:

Good night last night in campsite restaurant. Joined a few people and listened to the live music. Better than that damned unnecessary disco at Vilanova!

Quiet day today and perhaps a bus trip into Castellon tomorrow for the market but it depends on the predicted winds – mum gets a bit nervous about leaving the awning!

Had a great paella again today – cooked on the BBQ – the rice kept falling through the grill but it worked well.

Just mum and Sue went to the market and managed to spend an hour or 2 in the all you can eat KING WOK restaurant while all I got for dinner was a sandwich (but he didn’t mention his Spag Bol for lunch did he!)

Cold last night and very windy. My flag sent mum crazy rattling in the breeze! Will have to take it down next time.

Biff and Erica are coming to stay for a week on Saturday. Should be fun. Almost got a visit from Annie and Richard as well but they couldn’t get their cat housed properly. Never mind. Next year maybe?

No booze for nearly 3 days now!!!! Still itching though. Think it's the cheap shampoo from the shitshop.
Probably got essence of sulphuric acid in it!

New skirt for the side of the wag arrived yesterday after it's trip round Europe. 8 days indeed! Opened it and realised that we needed to drill 15 holes in side of wag and insert poppers. You should have seen mums face! Anyway, whilst they were in Castello –SHOPPING!! - I thought laterally and went down the shit shop and bought 2 dozen plastic cup hooks on suckers for €2. Took out the hanhy bit – superglued the female bit of popper on. Attached male popper and stuck whole issue on van. No measuring, no holes, it can be moved about and took 2 mins to stick on. Probably blow down if I breathe on it! If it does SMC can insert poppers in April – I’d only cock it up.

Hope you enjoyed the trip to Villa Park to see the Clarets. Pity about the result but it seems we battered them. Lucky Villa and a weak ref! Norwich and Delia tomorrow!

All for now, BBQ and Happy Hour tonite (Fri) with a few people. Biff and Erica arrive tomorrow. Oh God! My liver!:Rofl1:


M and D


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