Day 231 - Benicasim - 20 Oct 10

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Day 231 – Benicasim – 20 Oct 10 for pictures

Hi Clo,

Hope you are feeling and sleeping better. Nice to hear those yobs were not allowed bail so hopefully this gives you more confidence in walking home from work. :Wink: It was great to have such a long (uninterrupted) chat with you this week on Brian’s computer, it just proves it doesn’t always have to be a pain in the a*** Skyping, in fact it was quite relaxing.

Continuing from our previous blog we were invited in for coffee by the Aussie couple we mentioned, but this just developed into a full blown ‘session’ of piccies and wine over a 7 hour period. They are a lovely couple – Brian (Biff) and Erica – and have loads of good travelling tales to tell. They are here under canvas, brave souls, but this is through choice as after a wheel fell off their newly purchased caravan Erica didn’t feel confident about travelling in it, but that’s another story! They had planned to visit Holland and Germany, but on arrival at Calais decided it was just too bloody cold, so they headed south to Spain.

They’ve been great company all week and on Tuesday Sue and Ann arrived. Well, Sue arrived and Ann turned up a few hours later after going on a detour round Vilanova. Sue was in good form and we’ve had a few great sessions with her Biff and Erica. She went on the coach trip to Barcelona on Wed and on Thursday did mums hair – so-she’s happy again and her hair looks great! Much cheaper than €115!

Went to Sitges in Bif’s car on Friday and had a nice lunch - €10 for 3 courses and wine!!!! Great bargain. Then a nice walk through the town trying to get Spanish dresses for Erica’s grandchildren.

Sunday was a long and liquid mussel lunch and we all got to bed early and a bit squiffy!!

Got packed up and headed out to Benicasim after bidding Bif and Erica farewell. Ann decided to stay until Wed so I doubt if we’ll see her again.

Straightforward autopista drive to Benicasim and Bonterra Park. Very crowded but has a nice feel. Changed the pitch they gave us because we would have got no sun. A bit of a dickdance getting set up as it was quite a tight squeeze – but we got there in the end and it's nice and sunny all day. Just going out to put on the tie down strap as we are told it can get breezy!

A windy night – not so bad as La Bienheureuse and the Mistral – but fairly gusty. Nevertheless the safari stood up fine. Mum wants the other 2 sides put up today. Gets chilly about 5pm and then dark by 7. However, it doesn’t get warm until 1000 although the sun streams through the rear windows from 0830.

The QUESTION IS? WHY don't people mention the gusty winds when you read or talk about this area UNTIL you bloody get here!!!! It's a local phenomenon up and down the coast in this part of Spain and you’d think people who’d been here before would talk about it. :Angry:

Got good wi-fi here…hoo-bloody-ray!!!!:thumb:

Sue and Shirl now sunning themselves. It's hot hot hot …..til 5 pm!

Great dinner of Bangers n Mash at Sues last night and to top it off the Clarets won 3-0 and are 4th!

Off for a walk into Benicasim this morning and some Churros and Chocolate.

Speak tonite


M and D

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