Day 224 - Vilanova - 13 Oct 10

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Vilanova 3 – Day 224

Hi Clo

Weather here has been good until today as it's started to get a bit showery.

Sue arrives tomorrow with her travelling companion, Ann and we are looking forward to seeing them.

We have an African Grey parrot across the way and it's really amusing, chatting, whistling and making electronic beeping noises. It's amazing that it wolf-whistles when women go by! It also does reversing beeps when you are actually reversing the van! Great fun.

Lots of vans in transit. Staying a night or 2 and then either moving south or going home to rainy old blighty.

Bussed it into Vilanova or rather Carole’s boyfriend, Christian, gave us a lift in his Merc. He’s off to Romania today, so I’m safe again!!

Got our hair cut at a hairdressing training school. €10 for Mum and €7 for me. A bargain but they still scalped me again! No more haircuts until March for me.

Had a nice evening with Dougie and Elizabeth Graham, who have an Autotrail Cheyenne, only the 2nd Autotrail we’ve seen since May. Nice couple from the Dundee area and heading home today. I hope I’m half as fit as Dougie when I’m 75!

Also met some nice Aussies who are in a tent and they are older than us!!! Live on the Gold Coast and will pump them for info re Australia. We’re gonna take bottle of red over later.

Sunday 10-10-10……………..not so lucky! It rained last night. Very big thunderstorm around 0200. But we stayed relatively dry. Biggest problem is pine needles. They get everywhere!

Sorry about the Skype but it's a problem. Might need a new PCI Card. Will try tomorrow.

Concerned to hear about your bit of trouble. Hope it all gets sorted out OK. They’ll do serious time.

Take a taxi next time.

Speak soon


M and D

PS. First earwigs, then ants – now it's the attack of the Snails. We found a snailtrail INSIDE the wag this morning!!!:shout:
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