Day 207 - Vilanova i la Geltru - 25 Sep 10

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Vilanova 1

Day 207 – Vilanova a il Geltru – 25 Sep 10 (day recalculation)

Hi Clo

Invasion of the Ants!!!!!!!

Woken at 06-sparrowfart by an itching to my arm. Thought it was Mr Earwig’s cousin trying to regain his family’s honour. But no – there was a creepy crawliness about it….and so I turned on the light – and yes – it was ANTZ.

They were just getting into the bed going for my lusciousness – yuk – so we scrambled & inspected the wag. Looked in food cupboards & there they were – the vanguard of a greater army. We had seen some yesterday afternoon devouring a dead fly under the awning. They were now starting to get into all sorts of places on one side of the van. So we sprayed instantly with RAID which stops them in their tracks – I can tell you!

Then I went outside with a torch on an inspection run & found them all along the outside heading for the extractor fan outlet/inlet. A touch of RAID put paid to those blighters. Mum shook out the bed and we are now sitting at 0700 in a RAID infested wag getting brain damaged by the fumes (doesn’t affect your mother).

At first light, I will be getting the official ant slaughter spray out from storage & doing the job properly whilst mum cleans out the cupboards. We saw the lady across the road shaking ants off herself & rubbish at 0630 before she emptied an ant infested rubbish bag. Lesson learned. There will be no mercy!

And there’s bloody mossies! My 25-day record of non-bites has gone up in spirals of smoke. Only a few though. And there’s a flaming cockerel as well!

Apart from that, it’s a nice place – jumped straight into the Top Ten. Nice easy drive along autopista from Las Dunas:Smile: – very busy around Barcelona – and then about 10kms on side roads to the camp which is about 4 kms from the main town. It’s big! Bigger than Las Dunas but laid out much more aesthetically. Windy roads & tree lined avenues. I sent your mother off on a bicycle recce to check out the site & it’s lucky she’s got a MOUNTAIN BIKE. It’s quite – terraced – shall we say! Loads of Brits & even an Autotrail. Anyway, we’ve got a good pitch and got settled in OK. Went for dinner in the restaurant on site – and of course your mother chose the wrong stuff – or rather I did as the waiter didn’t speak English!!

Then we watched a Flamenco display in the rain – yes – rain – just a few spots really. Mums getting excited about going to Barcelona – but we might wait til Monday when the wx improves. Thundering outside.

Day 2 – took dad around the campsite for his initiation just so he can get his bearings; and he stood up well to biking up and down the hills. We had an exceptionally lazy day and I went to the indoor Spa with its Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and therapeutic water jets – just like Eden Hall but free! Guess what – we had more torrential rain in the evening but luckily we had put the third side up on the awning so we felt well protected. Or so we thought. Gradually we had an ingress of water under our the matting and our new plan of having a plastic underlay didn’t seem such a good idea as the rain started to pool between the layers and our feet were squidging through a thin layer of water! Dad seems quite happy to mop out and says its all part of life’s rich pattern in the camping scheme of things! Hopefully it will have dried out by morning!

What was I thinking, as we have just had another downpour this morning, Day 3, and guess what dad is doing - mopping out again? 5247 Hey ho!! I think the ‘market’ excursion into Vilanova has just gone down the pan, and it will be a day of scrabble, maybe the spa and learning Spanish. No doubt dad will have to organise the wifi so that he can hear the footie results, which hopefully will be better than their mid-week fiasco! (unauthorised criticism of the Clarets from Mother!!!)

A good draw away at Palace but apparently we were all over them. Hope we beat Bolton. It would be such sweet revenge.


The weather has been up and down but we’ve managed a bus into Vilanova and found a great shitshop – always something to buy! We also went to a local market just outside the camp and got a few essentials. We also managed to get the wifi sorted as well so Skyping should be an option next week. Best you let us know when you are free by text.

Mum has been on a coach trip to Barcelona today. The Catalonian Merce Festa is on this week and she is fascinated by the human tower building where groups climb up on each others shoulders up to 10 levels high. The top person is usually a young kid of 8 or 9. Really brave and strong. The crowds we saw in Tarragona were incredible. She’s also looking for the giant head people!!

Anyway, the weather is set fair for the next week or so, so we’ll get out and about. Lots of Brits here spending upwards of a month at this site. Some staying all winter. A bit too far North for us.


Speak soon


M and D

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