Day 197 -Las Dunas - 15 Sep 10

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Las Dunas 2:BigGrin:

Chloe’s visit

Day 197 – Las Dunas – 15 Sep 10

Hi Clo

You can read this now having been out to visit us in Spain.

Well, I mentioned earlier about a firework display, but last night we enjoyed yet another one, but this time it was the natural phenomenon type. After dad reassuring me that the dark clouds overhead would not come to much we had some torrential rain, thunder and lightning. This carried on most of the evening and at one time there was dad catching hailstones and putting the chunks of ice into his wine! Eventually the storm went out to sea and that is when the ‘fireworks’ started, all along the horizon the skies where being constantly lit up with fork lightning. What a fantastic display, it was as if one flash would start from the left and then trigger the next flash, and so on along the horizon. This continued for hours, I have never seen anything quite like it.

I’m glad you won’t be reading this blog until after you return home as by now you will be getting a little concerned about the weather out here. I am assured that it will improve and be sunny again by the end of the week and your arrival.

Sent your mother out for a bottle of white wine & she came back with 2 litres of sweet sherry which she thought was Rose! Enough said.
Cycled 4kms into Sant Pere Pescadore this morning and found the weekly market. Had some lunch & cycled back. Now a bit cloudy but am assured by weathermen that it will all improve.

New Germans next door arrived to a loud graunch as he smashed his rear light on a wooden tree surround. Ooops! Then he started a conversation with – Do you play bridge? – I notice zat you are British so you should do!!!!. Now mum is frantically practising on the ‘Intendo’. I’m going to teach them Montana Red Eye & Kirkey.

Another damp night – we walked t’club in’t rain and watched live group. Not bad. Sun’s out this morning, so set fair. Lovely Paella tonight a la Bill!!:Cool:

Windy day/night but now sunny & calm as I await your arrival from Girona airport with your mother. Bet you were surprised to see her & not me to pick you up!

Hi Clo,

You arrived safely with Mum from the airport & you know the rest. Getting very hot again after a few days of rain & wind. Nice chance for you to relax for a few days.

Walk up the beach to the café for a drink later.

Hope you enjoyed your stay. 5 days of sun & a bit of wind – which is strange as we had completely blue skies. Now, back to work & we look forward to seeing you next time.

The camp here shuts on Friday for the winter so we are off to Camping Vilanova for a month on Thursday. It’s SE of Barcelona so we should get in some good touristing. Hopefully, we’ll meet up with the Spanish family we saw in Pisa. And Sue Funster comes to see us in October for a couple of weeks.

All for now, great to see you.


M & D
Xxx Hope you enjoyed the Tapas?

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