Day 189 - L'Escala - 8 Sep 10

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Beziers & Into Spain

Day 189 – L’Escala – 8 Sep 10

Hi Clo

Watch out for our report on Martin, the German motorcyclist we met in Beziers….and its congratulations to our Dancing Dutch neighbours from Cervia who have now become professionals. So we hope some day to see them on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’!

Left Arles after a particularly windy & sleepless night – must have been 40km gusts. Really glad to get the hell out of there. Lovely drive thru the Camargue & coastal region to just south of Beziers. Nice, quiet campsite with pool, right on the Canal Du Midi. Settled in and had a lovely cassolet for dinner.

Met a fantastic young German motorcyclist who has travelled 26000kms thru Europe since April. Makes us look like rank amateurs. Just him & a map without a SAT NAV!!!!. Been to Poland, Finland, round the North Cape, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Portugal & Spain. Now he’s off to Corsica, Italy, Albania, Croatia, Italy & back to work in Germany by 1 Nov. You have to take your hat off to him!

Went for lunch today after a cycle down the Canal Du Midi. Mum thinks she sees Rick Stein on every barge! We were going to cycle around Beziers but when we saw the cathedral situated in the centre of the city on extremely high ground, we instantly decided that this wasn’t for us, so it was a lazy cycle back to base and then to the pool.

Quite a few pairs of cyclists drift thru the site for one night stops. Just the bikes & whatever kit they can carry. But as mum says, once its dark you either have to go to bed or wander round the local area until bedtime. No chairs so nowhere to sit except on the ground. Not our cup of tea. And most of them are around our age too!!

Did another big shop at Auchan and stocked up on loads of Cassolet & motor oil. Not to be eaten together (unless Mums cooking). Caught the bus into Beziers which was another dickdance. The bus left Villeneuve – went to the next village and then returned to Villeneuve 20 mins later, so we were no further forward. Anyway, got to Bezier where there was a large Harley Davidson meet & hundreds of motorbikes paraded thru the town at midday. I think they are having a hoolie there tonight and then coming to Beziers tomorrow (Sat) for another as the village is all set up for a street party & concert. Some Dutch people we met said it might be dodgy getting out in the morning as the road gets closed. But the camp commandant says it’s OK. So we are going to make a break for Spain at around 0900 & should be at Las Dunas by midday-ish.

Hurrah – Spain at last & less than a week till you fly out.

Spain – Las Dunas

Now I can say ‘see you at the end of the week’. Hurrah!

After taking to the motorway from Beziers we arrived safely in Camping Las Dunas, L’Escala, Spain. The last few miles were a bit fraught as Doc Brown had us in the middle of no where and he was panicking. But eventually dad steered us through the wee village of St Pere Pescador, down a very narrow street which on reflection we realised said ‘No Campervans’ and eventually arrived at the campsite.

All I can say is ‘Wow’! :thumb::Eeek: What a size, this site is pure luxury to some we have stayed at. I really feel that I’m on holiday (which I’m not, as I keep reminding myself!). From our pitch you cannot see a beginning or an end, and to get to the supermarket, shops, entertainment and reception we have to cycle. We have a serviced pitch this time so no walking for dad filling or disposing of water which is a real bonus. And to cap it all we are one dune away from the beach and sea!

I would say at the moment that the site is about a 1/3 full; over 2,000 pitches :Eeek:there are still quite a few people around. I can see this diminishing at the end of this week as the camp is closing its entertainment timetable and I think at long last parents have to take their children back to school! Clo, you will just catch the end of the high season then things will quieten down, so there will be no communal dancing to Shakira’s Waka Waka for you. I know you will be disappointed at that!!!!

We decided to take in L’Escala Sunday market, as I was beginning to feel in need of a bit of retail therapy. One thing I do miss about Italy is their weekly markets. After parking up Smartie we strolled along the promenade into a very crowded market and made one or two little purchases! I had arranged to meet up with an old school friend, Ann, who has lived out here permanently for 12 years, and this we did at her local bar. It was nice to see her and have a good old chat.

It was a festival weekend in L’Escala so we sat on our beach back at the wag in the evening and enjoyed their final firework display across the bay. The festivities were described as being a celebration of ‘adios’ to the tourists for another year, and getting back to normality. Which in hindsight is a bit of a cheek as I am sure their local economy relies heavily on the likes of us!

Dad surprised me, and we drove to El Port de la Selva for lunch, which is a small fishing village the other side of a small mountainous peninsula to where we are. There were some quite ‘hairy’ bends, just lucky I wasn’t driving and dear old Smartie performed well. We stayed here when you were 3 years old, and as you so dramatically remember we nearly drowned you when you fell off the back of the dinghy. Not to mention of course that it was in only 18 inches of water and dad and I were there Funny how you developed this aversion to water for about a year after this incident – just can’t understand why! Happily the harbour still retains its character and is still quiet and not over developed. We found a restaurant we remember visiting last time round and enjoyed their ‘Plat de Dias’ overlooking the harbour.

I have explored some local cycle paths ready for your arrival and I have a nice one organised of about 5 kms along a beach pathway into St Pere Pescador. I think we can manage that and then congratulate ourselves with a spot of lunch. How does that sound!

See you Friday:BigGrin:


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