Day 1777 – Cabopino/Benidorm – 12 Jan 15

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Day 1777 – Cabopino/Benidorm – 12 Jan 15

Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, and her new husband, Chris, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,

We have some strange friends….

Well, Kelly and family arrived on the 22nd and most of the crowd on camp have gone their separate ways to local hotels, back to the UK or are just doing Christmas stuff like us.

We went to Jorge’s for a few drinks on the 22nd with Kelly and Rich, round to Bob and Pat’s on the 23rd and into Fungirola on Christmas Eve, by bus, to have lunch and do a bit of shopping. The campsite is very quiet, and after another drink and some piccies at Jorge’s we retired fairly early on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day saw us walk to the beach and have some breakfast with Kevin and a few others, followed by a splendid lunch cooked by Kelly. An evening of cards and computer charades followed and Bryan turned up about 10pm.

Boxing Day was quiet – off the booze until NYE now. Picked up the car on the 27th and received a huge Fiat family Doblo. Actually quite useful for going to Benidorm on Monday. Looks cold there so we are taking duvets and a heater.

Went to the market on Sunday morning and, yes, you guessed it, someone scraped the side of the car. Good old extra insurance. Shouldn’t cost us anything.
Driving up to Benidorm on Monday the 29th and look forward to six days off camp. Will report on our return.


Packed up and set off at 10am. We went via Granada and Murcia and it was a very straightforward trip, spending only €7 on tolls. Arrived at 4pm after a couple of stops. The fuel tank was bottomless and the whole trip cost only €80.
The Buenos Aires apartments were at the ‘New Town’ end of the beach and our 17th floor flat had three balconies and fantastic views over the town. We settled in after loading up the lift with our gear and help from the affable reception staff.

We met up with Geoff and Linda and spent two very nice evenings in the Old Town, taking in ‘Tapas Alley’.

Paul and Jackie arrived at 2.30 am on the 31st and we slept in before exploring. NYE saw us in the ‘Rich Bitch’ nightclub and ‘Penelope’s Nightclub’ where Jackie excelled herself.

Another couple of days touristing and we set off home on Sunday 4th for an easy 6 hour trek home. No traffic at all! Good old Spanish roads.

Took the car back on Tuesday and although at least two cars had seriously scraped the paintwork whilst parked, the Hire Car bloke couldn’t have cared less. My advice when hiring in Spain – ‘ALWAYS BUY THE EXTRA INSURANCE’… there are no cars in Spain without dents in the side or corners and the drivers JUST DON’T CARE whether they put a dink in your vehicle. The Hirers will sting you if you don’t buy the cheap extra insurance but don’t care how you return the car if you buy it. It complete peace of mind.

Cabo is fairly quiet and we are into a serious no alcohol January ( barring Casino Night and Burn’s) and Carole has got me on the 5:2 diet. Trying to lose 10 kilos.
Most people have got – or had – colds or flu. We’re clear so far.

We are also having a crisis of decision making.

We want to go permanent at Cabo – that is pay the €1500 refundable deposit to reserve a pitch and put a caravan and awning on full time. Our current pitch is too small – as we want a 3.5m awning and space outside to sit and sunbathe. We have a tree to cope with as well, so we must move.
We have found a pitch which satisfies our crtieria – depth, width, location on the campsite and NO fir trees above. We have found one – F20 – but there is a longstanding couple on there who won't give it up, so we might have to go next door onto F18 which would make us neighbours with Pat and Maria. That's not a bad thing but we don’t want to be in their face. We’ll have to think more about it.
So we were ready to buy a caravan which a friend has for sale. It's in Mazarron in storage and if it's the right price we’ll take it. It's not available till Nov 15, so it about the right time. Of course we’ll have to sell the 'van and buy a car. It's going to be a busy year.

Then we had a change of plan. We are going to tour for one more year…do Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy in the Autumn.

We can settle down next year.

The Clarets are doing much better now and hopefully we’ll beat Spurs in the cup on Wednesday.

The Quiz starts again tomorrow. No booze though.

We are also starting a weekly entertaining night on Weds, inviting friends round for a nosh and cards. We owe so many people!

Casino on Saturday...should be good!

Well, all for now,
Keep up the good work in the Fantasy Football.
M and D
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