Day 1749 – Cabopino – 15 Dec 14

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Day 1749 – Cabopino – 15 Dec 14

Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, and her new husband, Chris, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,

Well, the silly - but nice – season is truly with us.

Two nights at the German bar – once for a Pork ‘Haxe’ leg joint, which fed us for three days after we took a doggy bag home.

Secondly, with you for Lamb roast! After you turned up unexpectedly for the weekend. Your mother was so surprised that she didn’t recognise you at first glance. Of course, you brought the rain, but we had a great weekend, finishing up in Fuengirola for Tapas on Saturday night. Got our first taxi home – only €25 and ten minutes. Quite good value I thought.

Carole has had trouble with one of her tooth implants which were installed in Budapest in 2007/8. They have been good, but the Upper Left 7 got infected and after consulting with London and Hungary, we visited the good Dr Kamberger in Calahonda, and it was removed last Monday, 1st Dec. All is well and we get a refund after the old implant is returned. It is possible that a new implant might be possible in a few months, but at least Carole will not have to keep visiting London for check-ups each year at £300 a go.

Most regulars have arrived and are settling in. P and J’s awning is up and running with extensive flooring installed.

We did three parties in 36 hours around the 7 Dec and are feeling very bloated and have put on too much weight. Luckily the main ‘troublemakers’ have gone home for Christmas, so the chance of being seduced is greatly reduced. We had dinner at Bryan’s on Tuesday – which was excellent – and we drew up the invites for the Casino Night in January – ‘ Twenties Prohibition’ theme.

We have played Lawn Bowls a few more times and I'm getting used to my new little babies!
We held the 4th Annual Petanca Competition on Thursday 11th and your mother battled through to beat 19 other pairs and was also player of the tournament. She even knocked me out 13-4 in the quarter-final. She thoroughly deserved her victory as everyone agreed that she was ‘on fire’ from the start. We had a drinks party at Bryan’s after Petanca and it also was a great success.

The Clarets have been doing well recently and each Saturday I go down to Santi’s bar where he has feeds into Emirates TV. Well, you know, you came in for the Villa match.

Paul is back from his trip to the UK, and we are looking forward to the trip to Benidorm for NY. We pick up our Wowcher car on the 28th. Kelly and Rich visited on the 13th and we played cards till late. They are back for Christmas next week and we hope to spend Christmas day with them and the kids.

The weather is generally excellent – we've had three days of rain in six weeks and you can't complain, with sun being forecast until the 27th Dec. It's warm during the day but can get chilly at night.

The quiz is going well, we won the last two, and it's a Christmas theme on Tuesday.
We posted the chocolate and piri-piri. Hope you get it before Christmas. Still no sign of the other parcel, I reckon it's in customs in Madrid.

The final night out was after the Petanca. I was going to take your mother out for a celebration dinner – just the two of us, but Eve and John heard about it and it ended up as 8 going to the Playwright restaurant up the road. As it turned out it was really good. Great food on the Early Bird menu - €25 – a good live singer and we danced until 12.30. Well worth it.

A Merry Christmas to all of our readers if I don’t post before – and thanks for logging on.

All for now
M and D
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