Day 155 - Tirrenia - 4 Aug 10

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Hi Clo:Wink:

Well it rained when we arrived here in Cervia & its raining now on our last day here in Cervia. Luckily we realised that the thunderstorms were coming after talking to a friendly Italian & got everything packed up just in time. We are now sitting in the wag waiting for a break so we can walk to the car spares shop to get a cover for Smartie & to the Ferramantia to get some anti Zanzare candles. (Car shop was closed- so no cover)

Its hosing & thundering it down outside and we are going for a last meal tonite & then setting off to Bologna tomorrow about 1000. Let’s hope it’s not too bad for the drive & no one blocks the motorway.

Had a good meal, too much meat – at a non–fish restaurant which pleased Mum no end!!!

Got everything packed up OK and set off around 1000 as planned after saying goodbye to ‘Cocobello’. The electrics for the towbar worked! Huzzah!!! What a techie I am….. Filled up with LPG for the Gaslow system with no problems – even the adaptor they supplied worked OK. Got to Bologna & yes, - 3 idiots had blocked the autostrada but luckily just as we were exiting, so we missed most of it. It’s holiday start weekend so the roads to Rimini are supposed to be chocker all day. And so it proved. We had a short stay in Bologna & set off at 0820 to try & get to Pisa by the sea before they shut for lunch. As we got to the autostrada it was at a standstill – going the other way!!!! So we breezed thru on our side with no problems. Saw another blockage on the Firenze Rd for about 5 miles but we hit Pisa smack on time & averaged our best speed so far – around 40mph. That included a stop for fuel. The Pisa autostrada was lovely & smooth and they had even repaired the Firenze M-way so I wasn’t bumping up & down all the way. No lorries as it was a Saturday – so all in all a good journey.

The campsite in Tirrenia is in a huge wood and as we speak mum is being bombed by giant pine cones. She says we’ll sue if they dent the van. Actually, we’ve discovered that the cones are in full randiness & are spitting out their progeny to seed. A sound like a rifle shot is heard followed by a high velocity pine nut fired by the cone which wazzes down at the wag. See piccie of mother & children.

It was a bit dicey getting into the pitch. A helpful Cloggie gave us a hand but we managed it by mum racing from side to side trying to get me to avoid crashing into a tree or a post or a Froggies car!! Anyway, we got in OK and had a quick spag bol for lunch. Will investigate the area tomorrow.

Went for a cycle to Tirrenia & the beach. 3Much smaller & more crowded than Cervia – although it is now fully Holiday Time. €10 per day to hire brolley & chairs on beach or sit on sand for free. Tirrenia village is a one-horser but it did have a market of 20 stalls all selling EXACTLY the same tat! Then we found – wait for it – a CYCLING PROFICIENCY PARK for children. I nearly crashed my bike in shock. Obviously, it was empty.

Checked out the restaurant last night. Not bad & afterwards we watched the children doing ‘Grease’ on the campsite stage. Clearly they had been practising all week with the ‘Animation’ team. Precocious little blighters. You would have loved it.

Woken up at 0530 this a.m. by people slamming doors as they packed up to leave. Also, we found about 20 little ant hills just where you would have been sleeping. It’s lucky you didn’t come this week – as you couldn’t have slept outside. We are seriously considering leaving early. The showers are a dick dance. 50c per shower & 10c per washing up. But the system is in chaos as the computer controlling the showers was designed in the 15th century by Da Vinci!

Anyway we are off to Marina Di Pisa today to investigate & find a supermarket. Can only get better. We were spoilt in Cervia.

Found Marina Di Pisa…Skeggie without the class! Full of tourists packed like sardines on the beaches. Not nice. We walked round the market & came home after a nice gelato. We watched a beauty contest in the bar on the campsite tonite. 15 teenagers all under 7 stone doing their best. Wouldn’t happen in the UK anymore.

Tried to connect to the internet. Bought the card & tried to get on line. Of course it is a huge dick dance. 3 days trying to get on line – its just pathetic. This country has got a long way to go to catch up with the rest of the western world. We should all be able to connect to the internet – but in this country it is almost impossible. It is REALLY ANNOYING. No wonder they’ve had 50+ governments since the 2WW.

P.S. I spoke to a Dutch lady who was having the same problems. She has gone to get her Italian speaking husband who will arrange to reset the system. And yes, it works. Why don’t the bloody bar staff just tell everyone that there is a regular resetting problem instead of just throwing their hands up & saying ‘Non Lo So ‘. It’s typical.

Anyway, we are cycling to Tirrenia tomorrow to check out the market & buses to Pisa & Livorno.
Had an OK meal in the local Taverna and the waiter was just like Jon Voight or was it Christopher Walken? Spooky.

What is it about Caravanners? Why do they feel the need to get up so early & make so much noise? Our Dutch neighbours are leaving tomorrow but are up today at 7.01 a.m. cleaning & packing – right outside our bed window. So I’m writing this at 0705!! Perhaps we’ll set off early to Livorno today.

Did Livorno. Typical port city. Not much of interest – except – it’s the world centre for Shit-Shops. Loads of shops that sell everything you might need. So we picked up a load of stuff really cheap. Shirl got a new floor mopthingy to clean the floor matting. I got a vegetable rack. Oh deep joy.

Well, all for now, hopefully Skype on Friday morning.


M & D
Xxx :RollEyes:

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