Day 1521 – Somewhere in Germany – 1 May 14

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Day 1521 – Somewhere in Germany – 1 May 14
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Well, the final two weeks a Cabo were as busy as usual. The weather has been fantastic. Low thirties on most days. Loads of our friends and acquaintances are wending their way home for Easter, only to return when the little darlings are safely back in the classroom. Why is it that parents cannot hear their own children screaming!?:Doh:

We've had the final quiz at Mario’s, the last drink and footie at Jorge’s, the last meal at La Despensa, the last musical afternoon on the beach at Andy’s and the final Thursday night music at Mario’s. Eve and John have hosted a couple of late night parties and we've had the security man round flashing his torch in an attempt to quieten us down. Some hope!

We set off on our journey home currently via 27 campsites, seven countries and endless touristing on the 14 April. The campsite is really quite empty, but the Spanish are starting to pile in for Easter.

We stored about 12 boxes and 5 large items with a Dutch company in Mijas. He picks it up, drops it off and stores it for six months for €60 – bargain!:thumb:

Having said our goodbyes, we made the 2 hour journey to Motril and Camping La Poniente.

Let's say we’ve seen better much, much better. As usual for this part of the coast the beach is dreadful. Large rocks and pebbles mixed in dirty grey builder’s sand. The vast majority of restaurants and bars are closed and campsite itself is very poor. Tiny pitches and access roads and we had to park at a diagonal just to fit on. It is full of very scruffy semi-permanent caravans/awnings. There are horrible Lime trees dripping on everything and nasty sticky leaves which get everywhere. To make it all complete, some idiot pitched his tent right under our bed window and giggled like a girl until well past midnight – when there were dozens of other pitches available close by. €3 per night WiFi. This is the last night of ACSI here before Easter – so we’re off to Mazarron where ACSI is good all week! Hurrah!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT in camping for fun between MAZARRON/LA MANGA and MARBELLA because it is just awful. Drive as quickly as you can along the coast and get to Cabo or Bellavista! We've tried five sites now and they are all well below standard (except perhaps Don Cactus – which is average)..
Los Madriles – Isla Plana, near Mazarron.

What an extremely pleasant site. Whereas Poniente was rated 152 out of 163 campsites visited, Los Madriles is number 10!

Friendly welcome, nice big, even pitch overlooking the sea. Water and grey water dump on pitch. ACSI over Easter and fabulous spa-generated heated outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Bar and other activities, good facilities and bus into town at the gate.

The weather is great here and it really feels as if we are on HOLIDAY. Had a great afternoon lazing at the pool after a bike ride to a local village – La Azohia. We saw the fishermen unloading the catch and were sorely tempted to buy a big, fat, juicy Mackeral.

Spent the evening eating Moroccan food with Eve and John, who are staying at El Portus a naturist site just up the road. We visited and it's very pleasant – like a small village really. Might give it a try sometime next year – if Shirl is brave enough.

Left the very pleasant Los Madriles after a restful week. We got into Mazarron for a looksee after a fellow German camper gave us a lift. Got the bus back after buying fish at the market. Prawns at €34 per kilo!!!!!!!!

Then a four hour trip to KIKO PARK OLIVA south of Valencia. Got LPG en-route near Alicante. Worth remembering as it's just off the A7.

Kiko Park is right on the beach and it could be a lot better than it is. It's ACSI at €18 but they discriminate. Only if you pay €22 can you get a decent pitch. Most ACSI standard pitches are small and our electricity point is over 50 metres away. Make sure you bring plenty of cable to Europe! And the WiFi is extortionate.The Spa, restaurant and shop were closed on our day of arrival and it took us twenty minutes of horrendous manoeuvring to get onto our pitch. I think that they are taking the piss! Will not return.

However, having said that, the beach is great and it's a good chill out location. We walked up towards Gandia and watched the kite-surfers speeding across the waves. Went to a bar in the next urbanization and asked for ‘dos vinos blancos’. They had NO white wine. Large bar in centre with TV and food! NO BLOODY WHITE WINE – IN SPAIN ! I'm agog. We left in high dudgeon!
Be happy to move on to Sitges on Friday (25th).

After a very windy night – glad we put the awning in – we made the 5 hour journey along the AP7 (€35) to Sitges. We tried Sitges Camping, but they wanted €27 pn, So we returned to El Garoffer at ACSI rates. Eve and John called in and we hit Sitges. Found a Sky TV bar, played dats and then found some live jazz. Your mother ‘enjoyed’ herself and we got to bed around 1pm after scaring the security guards.

Into Sitges by bus to shop and eat. Taxi back which was only €3 more than the bus!

Early start for La Nautique near Narbonne for the first of four single night stops. A chance for some admin. All shortish hops of around 3-4 hours. All motorway and it works out at 7c a km in Spain and 14c a km in France for the tolls. Got to be worth it. The weather is changing of course, getting cooler and Nuremberg looks wet for our visit. It’ll be a schnitzel and HopOn-HopOff bus! However, after that it gets sunny. And we've planned a dirty dart into the Czech Rep for a sneaky lunch and sticker qualification. We’ve reduced to 22 campsites in 8 countries (plus Germany 3 times and Denmark twice!) – cutting out a few stages to reduce mileage.

We will need our 4 days at Tropical Islands near Berlin on 8th May.

Departed La Nautique after cold showers and strong winds. Could be the Mistral again. Set off up the Autoroute for Les Pinedes near Orange on the A9/A7. The exit I wanted didn’t exist, so we ended up going through a small town on Market Day! Not best pleased. Could not find site as Sat Nav took us into the bundu. So we eventually found a Camping Holiday Park - BEAUREGARD. €25 per night but has all good facilities – pool, shop restaurant and big pitch. All’s well I suppose.
6 down 16 to go.

Set off at 9am after a quiet night – 4 nights with no vino. Don’t know whether we’ll survive tonight. Going to the Camping Municipal de Varennes restaurant for the Diner de Jour. It's a good site – non-ACSI – just ten minutes from the A6 with big grass pitches and good facilities. Also opposite a Lidl and a Buffalo Grill. Auchan is five minutes away. €22.90 per night though. It's gradually filled up all afternoon whilst we shopped and caught up on free Wi-Fi.

Early start tomorrow heading for Strasbourg. 5 hours driving. Reached Europa Camping after a long drive but it wasn’t raining – much. Very quiet, so we used the free wi-fi and had dinner in the restaurant which has got very posh. Nice nosh but pricey. Left at 1030 the next day for Nuremberg and reached it at 3pm after a long, wet drive. However, as it was May Day, there were no lorries on the roads. However, all rest stops and petrol stations were rammed with parked up trucks waiting for the off!

Idiot of the week. Leaving Macon, I forgot to put the step in and when Shirl drove into the toll booth lane, it scrapped along the side. She had a heart attack thinking she’d bashed the 'van. Luckily, no real damage done. Phew! Eee-Ore!:cry:
Knaus Camping, Nuremberg is OK, a bit scruffy with few facilities and VERY EXPENSIVE… €34 per night!!! The most we've paid…anywhere! But there’s no choice. It's the only campsite in town. Off touristing in the morning. Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!!

Well, all for now as it's MayDay and time to post.
Your birthday pressie is on the way,
Good luck with the hen night preps,


M and D

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