Day 1489 – Cabopino – 30 Mar 14

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Day 1489 – Cabopino – 30 Mar 14
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,
Well, after your surprise visit, I’ve decided only to include two items in this month’s blog and a short summary of the past month at the end.
But firstly, it's been sunny – 50 days of warm sunshine with no rain until last night, which was sandy and red, so everyone on the camp had to hose down their vans and awnings. Yuk!
But I digress.
On 13th March we had our annual St Patrick’s Day Race Meet with 40+ friends meeting up at Bryan’s (thanks again Bryan for letting us use your pad) and we had six exciting races. I think every syndicate had at least a 1st or a 2nd.
People were generous with their food and drink and the sun shined on a great day.

Secondly, my Birthday! 60 years knackered! Carole outdid herself.
On the Sunday we drove up the coast and had dinner whilst watching the Rat Pack tribute with Paul, Jackie, John, Eve, Peter and Bryan. A fab night. Finished up partying at Bryan’s until the security man told us to go to bed at 1230! :Blush:

Then, on the Monday evening Carole tricked me into going to Jorge’s where about forty people greeted me with Happy Birthday. Tapas and wine flowed and then Chloe and Chris turned up unexpectedly – at least I was the only person who didn’t know that they were coming. Again there was jollity until well past midnight.

Tuesday was a little more sedate, but at the quiz I had my Birthday cake ( baked by Pat) and we won!

All in all a great three days.
Thanks Shirl and thanks Clo for coming out to surprise me!:Eeek:

Back to normality now, as people are starting to filter home. By the time we leave on April 15, we’ll be the last!
We are storing a load of gear this year with a local firm which saves us cramming it in and dragging it round Europe for six months.

We have arranged visits to Britt and Gunther in Lubeck and Britt and Alex in Denmark. Should be a busy six weeks on the road.
Well, all for now,

Except to say I took your mother out for Mother’s Day at La Dispensa. Lovely, sunny day, great food and ambience and live music. She really enjoyed it.:thumb:
Thanks again
M and D
PS: Those Clarets are really close now. 10pts ahead with 7 games left. Only ours to lose – but our 4 best players are out injured! Could be nail-biting!:Sad:
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