Day 148 - Cervia - 28 Jul 10

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Hi Chloe, ( from the Curry Point!!!) :Rofl1:

Well, we actually made the boat trip to Rimini. It was a good job we arrived early for departure as people were piling on. We managed to get a seat outside so we had a good view of the coast line as we cruised to Zadina for the first pick up. I was a bit concerned as there didn’t seem to be a spare seat available on departure from Cervia but we still took on another 30 people, I just tried not to think about it. Dad said he would grab a plastic chair and swim to the beach if necessary!

Half way on the outward journey we met up with a fishing trawler and took on board crates of sardines for the meal for our return, and after that we were followed by a ‘cloud’ of seagulls. I went up on the top deck to take some photos and it seemed almost like watching a virtual 3D picture as the seagulls were just floating on thermals and keeping up with the speed of the boat.

Rimini wasn’t that exciting, and as we only had 90 mins to kill we decided just to stroll for a cappuccino and buy an English paper! (the first in two weeks). We were greeted like long friends by the skipper when we re-joined the boat, we don’t quite know why, but nevertheless were offered free beers whilst we waited for departure time. We had seated ourselves once again outside, but this time in the shade, and then we heard it ………..AN ENGLISH VOICE, joy of joys! We met a lovely lady from London named Iris and we chatted all the way back to Cervia. It was great to have a good natter, what satisfaction! We were also fed with mountains of sardines, wine and water in fact there was so much, Dad had to refuse his 4th helping!

In the evening we returned to Cervia to enjoy the evening show preceding the start of the Rotta del Sale (Salt Route). This celebrates the departure of historical boats which then follow the ancient trading Salt Route, linking Cervia to Venice. The idea was for me to get up in time for their 5am tide departure, but unfortunately I slept through……

With each morning it is getting more difficult for me to get out of bed. At the beginning of this adventure I would up with the lark either a walk or bike ride, then some exercises, but this seems to have completely gone by the by and it takes me all my effort just to stroll to the shop on site for milk. I had this great vision of being ultra fit but it’s not to be!

We found another evening market at Cervia harbour last week, so we cycled there once again and took a stroll but this time as it is the beginning of budget week we treated ourselves to a meal at one of the many restaurants! Obviously I enjoyed the meal but I also enjoy the busy atmosphere and watching the Italians and how they read a menu then order a meal completely ‘off’ what’s on offer! In England I think we would be told where to go if we tried that one but here it is perfectly acceptable. On Friday we found a Pesce Festa which was nice cheap food served by the local Lib Dems!!! We didn’t realise til we had sat down & their local MP turned up pressing flesh. We are Italian Cleggites now!

Dad here….Its got pretty bad now Clo, I just had to have a HOT SHOWER!!! It was only 26 C on the way home from the beach & a bloomin’ cloud kept going in front of the sun for 5 minutes. Also the wind is blowing leaves into the patio area & mum is like a whirling dervish clearing them all up. What’s more the dust overloaded our air cleaning machine. Must remember to clean out the filter more often….

Sunday evening & I’ve had to put a shirt on – only 25 degs! Just waiting for N Korea to nuke us. That’ll warm us up. And in the middle of the night there was a mega thunder storm right over the camp. So there was a quick rush round to get stuff under cover & we had about an inch of rain in an hour. It’s helped with the dust though. Sunny again this morning & should be cool when we shall be visiting the Salt Flats this afternoon. Ravenna will have to wait til domani! Mum dragged me on another bloody trip. This time to the Salt Mines of Cervia. Commentary in Italian & the opportunity to tread in thick black salty mud which smelt like the toilets at a football match. We declined.

Trained it to Ravenna today (Tuesday) & experienced the 1960’s treno! Full up with school kids going to the fair. Ravenna was OK I suppose. Standard Italian town with churches & old buildings. Some good mosaics but nothing we haven’t seen in Cyprus. Suppose we’re getting blasé. There was actually a ticket inspector on the return journey which made me happier about actually paying for a ticket. I don’t think many Italians do & there was a loud argument with the conductor who came across a defaulter!

Back at Cervia we had to wait until the 2 trains departed the station before we could escape as there is no bridge. This didn’t stop an Indian lad running in front of 2 trains to make his connection. Which reminds me. The Italians generally ignore level crossings & just wheel their bike under the barrier & take a chance. See photo.

Biking has got dodgier. I think I prefer the UK system. Here at night it is dangerous! About 90% of the Italians have lights on their bikes but only 5% actually switch them on! This DOES cause problems. They loom out of the shadows at high speed – not looking as usual – and Mum has nearly come a cropper several times. So I have to ride shotgun, shooing them out of the way.

Anyway we cheered ourselves up with some lovely fresh Cozze A La Marinara.

We are off to Pisa on Friday after 6 weeks here in lovely Cervia / Milan Marittima. We’ve really enjoyed it. We’ll tidy up & pack on Thursday & get off about 1000 on Friday. Should get to Bologna for a stopover by 1200 & into Pisa on Sat for 2 weeks. Don’t know about Wi-Fi but the blurb says they have got some. I’ll let you know asap.

All for now


M & D:Smile:

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