Day 1453 – Cabopino – 22 Feb 14

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Day 1453 – Cabopino – 22 Feb 14
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,
Its been more than a month since we last blogged. It's been so busy here and combined with finishing THAW!, I just haven’t had the time……
But firstly, a sad announcement. Our old friend Bill England who spent a couple of winters with us here & at Benicassim passed away last week. He was a lovely chap & our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his widow, Sue.:Sad:
Been doing a bit of planning. Our trip home via Denmark, (booked the ferry home from Esjberg - £300 with DFDS) then back here after the wedding via the west coast of France and N Spain. Then home via Paris in 2015 and Croatia on the way out in Sep 2015. Nothing like planning ahead!!!

Played golf with Paul, Jackie, John, Eve, Peter and Jackie up at Green Life Golf in Elviria Heights. Great course and only €20 for all day. We played 20 Par 3 holes and I got a Birdie. Still got it!

It's been all go here for a couple of weeks! First leading up to the Hawaiian Casino Night on the 18th. Paul has been struck low by a kidney infection which just won't go away. However, he made it for the Casino and we beat the weather, which was threatening all week. We had about 40 friends and neighbours in for Roulette and Blackjack. Everyone dressed up and brought great grub. A real success – again.:BigGrin:

Then I got gout – a really bad attack and had to hit the Colchicine to cure it. Even had to miss the quiz, so it must have been bad! But it's now under control again, just in time for the Burn’s Night Supper at Bryans. 16 of us got into the Scottish spirit in more ways than one and had a brilliant night. Thanks John and Eve for hosting.:thumb:

Kelly and her friends came out for 48 hours & made their presence felt. Got my Curly Wurlies!
Paul is on the mend after going to A and E where the Spanish doctors gave him the proper strength anti-biotics. Just what is wrong with our NHS?

The weather is now officially hot. Looks good for a while – hopefully we are past the winter.

Pat and Maria arrive today (27th). That should liven things up. They might have trouble finding a pitch as it's chocka-block! Yup, they had to go right up to row M.

Played Petanca today and won all three matches. Still got it!

Quiz night and it was past 9pm before we got our pizzas! Two hours! Never mind, we won by one point with Shirl, Bryan and Pat. Still got it.

Shirl went home with Jackie on Wednesday (5th) back to do a few jobs and see Chloe. I'm here getting on with the book and have managed to finish it. Just a bit of editing and it’ll be ready to go. SNOW! Is still selling OK, and hopefully, THAW! Will give it a boost!

Been raining here for two days, but luckily was able to play Lawn Bowls on Friday in bright sunshine. Beat everyone..Still got it!

Helped put up Eve and Johns new awning on Thursday (6th). It's a giant but looks great and just in time as this rain is quite wet!

You will have seen your mum for a week (5-12th Feb) and hopefully enjoyed a good chat.

Life continues as normal here. The weather improves a bit each day and the bowls, Petanca and quizzes continue. However, were taken aback when two of our friends were hospitalized with very high blood pressure. We wish Kay & Penny a speedy recovery.

Pat gave me a kitchen tent which we erected on the pitch. It's useful and next year we’ll position it properly and use it more. It's great for cooking smelly fish, so the 'van isn’t stinking of fish for a week!

We had the annual Camp Petanca competition and BBQ which was a bit quieter this year. Paul and Jackie were runners up and Kelly and Rich came a very creditable 3rd – bearing in mind it was only the 2nd time they had played.

Well, that's about it for now. All a bit samey, but that's life at Cabo when not travelling.

It's a damned sight better than being flooded out. So we are very grateful.
Take care
M and D

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