Day 141 - Pinarella - 21 Jul 10

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Day 141 – Cervia Di Pinarella – 21 Jul 10

Hi Clo

Been 2 weeks since we posted, but really we have settled into a full-timing regime and it’s all very ordinary.4567 I even had time to fix the tow bar electric connection which was rusted to buggery. Hopefully it will all work when we reconnect when we go to Bologna next week. Also, take a look at this really clever urinal in the gents – don’t snigger. It’s really good as you can wash your hands with the same water that flushes it. Should get the patent for England & sell it there!! 4516. Its really green.

All quiet on the campsite. It’s about full now with 75% permanent caravans with habitation tents affixed. They have all mod cons including tent for fridge & cooker, plus Sat TV & sofas etc etc. We realise now why they all have separate fridges. The van fridge is just not up to these temperatures. The fridge has been on now for a month in 30 degs ++ and it’s damned lucky we are in a shady part of the campsite or it would have given up the ghost by now. As it is, the milk turns to yoghourt in 3 days or less. We might need to replace it with a more robust model in March. Its 9 years old now!

We have named all of our fellow Italian campers. We barely get a Buon Giorno out of them but what else can we do. Their English is non-existent. Mr Sitting 4566 is the bloke across the road who just sits by his wag all day – reading or sleeping but mainly just sitting. His wife appears at intervals to feed him & once in a while he goes off on his moped to get a paper. Mr Cocobello is the old bloke 2 wags down. They have their grandchild most of the time & parents visit on alternate weekends. Mrs Cocobello is the rather loud lady aged about 75 who wears miniskirts & high heels!! Then there is Mrs All Alone. She arrived with husband and child 2 weeks ago, set up extensive camp & he left – never to be seen again! Looks like her brother visited today. Opposite is a real mystery they arrived 2 weeks ago and in the middle of the night there was a ruckus and the people drove off. We saw nothing of anyone for 10 days – just a deserted van & then yesterday mum dropped off 2 teenage girls who are now there alone. We now have Odd New neighbours today. A few days ago a bloke delivered a caravan then yesterday morning at 0730 – clang bash wallop came the people renting it. Yes, they are a noisy family with an overloaded car full of equipment. Then at 0630 this morning – crash bang wallop again – they were putting up rain covers cos it got a bit cloudy & a breeze blew thru. Hopefully, they will quieten down. We saw all the regulars having a discussion in muted tones – so they might get an Italian talking to! Then there’s Robin Williams secret Italian family opposite. He’s the exact double & has loads of relatives popping in & out.

We cycled to Milano Marittima last night for an ice cream & to look at the nightlife. We found it. It was really buzzing with clubs & bars & girls dancing on tables scantily dressed! We didn’t stay as a round of drinks is about €20! We are off to Cesanatico 4510 tonight to see what Sunday evening is like there. So that another 10 mile bike ride! We are doing loads of cycling and averaging about 3 miles a day. Mum has become a real Italian cyclist – whizzing up one way streets and going the wrong way round roundabouts & cycling on pavements at the drop of a hat. 4549

I managed to break one of the foldy garden chairs so we need to get some strong elastic to fix it. Luckily we have another. Also, my gluten allergy has re-appeared – white bread I think – so we had to buy the appropriate drugs in the Farmacia. Funny that you can only get them on prescription in the UK! Why?? Got some more Hopi Ear stuff for Mum after her ear was blocked and we have been slowly de-waxing her! 4564

Mum here – dad repaired the chair OK and has enough thick elastic for further repairs. We are now in our penultimate week and thought it was about time to take a boat trip (no Clo, not a glass bottom boat trip!) along the coast to Rimini. Yesterday (Monday) we got ready for the 2.00 pm departure cycled the 4miles along the beach front to Cervia harbour HARBOUR and just made comment that the sea looked a little choppy. Unfortunately we should have taken more notice as the trip was cancelled because of the swell! Believe me the sea looked like a mill pond compared to the Red Sea and we were totally surprised of the decisions. Still not to be deterred we re-arranged today and went to the beach in the morning came back to the wag and made lunch and then finally checked departure time only to find that it didn’t run on Tuesdays! So, third time lucky for tomorrow. Any disappointment for Dad was quickly dispelled as our neighbours bought around some very tasty grilled sardines which they were cooking for their lunch. Dad was in his element!

The weather has cooled nicely; although I say that but here I am sitting at the computer with the fan going! Neighbours seem to be taking this siesta time more seriously of late both Mr Sitting and Robin Williams have finally graduated to total collapse and snoozing on beds! We’ve been playing a lot of Scrabble & I got a new record of 402 points – see photo. 4572 Then this afternoon the parents of Dutch Dancer Heleen turned up as they are staying overnight. Nice surprise. Had a nice chat. They are off to Greece today for 3 weeks & have to drive to Ancona to catch the ferry which they say is fully booked! Good luck.

We’ll post this at the Curry Point on the way home from the boat trip to Rimini – 3rd time lucky!!4537

Speak on Saturday if the Skype works


M & D
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