Day 1390 – Cabopino – 21 Dec 13

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Day 1390 – Cabopino – 21 Dec 13

Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,



Paid the rent for the first month at Cabo yesterday (2 Dec) and it worked out at €13.10 per day and at the current rate of €1.21 to the pound – that is £11.10 per day including electric, free animation programme, restaurant on site, indoor swimming pool, v large pitch with water, and a great bunch of people. Can't really complain at all – especially as we've only had 2 poor weather days since mid-September.

Cabo ticks over with everyone getting into the Christmas spirit. There’s several parties every week and final plans are being laid for the 4 important dates – 24-26th and NYE. Jorge will get a lot of custom.

6-9 Dec has been busy on the site with loads of locals invading for their holiday weekend. Had to move my bl**dy car to let someone move onto the pitch next door!:Wink:

Went down to Andy’s Beach Bar to watch Revival again doing their show. Went via La Lonja to see stElvis and Paul sang the German bit in Wooden Heart! It was complete gobble-de-gook but no-one knew! Then to Jorge’s for a quick one, watched the footie and then to Mario’s for supper cos no-one wanted to cook! Then carol singing outside Eve and John’s to bid them farewell – they go home for Christmas. Got home at 1130! So much for a quick hour at the beach! But that's what happens here.

Put the xmas decs up today. Saddo’s that we are! Our tree is enormous! Your mother is out distributing xmas cards before it's too late. I’ve got a load of Burnley cards that Shirl got me and I’ll be giving them out at the quiz – now that we’re top again!

Found a great little restaurant called La Tienda in a suburb of Marbella. Kelly recommended it and we drove over to investigate with P and J. It was really nice, so we had lunch and booked for Christmas Lunch on 20th Dec – just before P and J return to the UK for the week. It's in a great little white Spanish village on the side of a hill on the heights above Marbs.

Had a session watching Game of Thrones on Friday and we ‘might’ have been a bit loud. Then the quiz on Tuesday which I set with a Christmas theme. Out for Christmas Drinks today – 19th – next door.

Won't be able to get any more of my sequel written this week – just too busy. I'm hoping to get it published by early March. I'm half way through, but that's the easy bit. And just to prove that snow can be 30 feet deep…..

Hosted the Christmas Quiz at Mario’s with help from my Elf!

Really windy last night and spent an hour looking at the 60 ft high pine tree on the next pitch swaying. Loads of cones and branches fell onto the 'van on the pitch during the night. I just hope the roots are deep, cos if it comes down there will be carnage.

Bowling this morning and then out to La Tienda in Marbella for Christmas Dinner with P and J.

Superb dinner and service and thoroughly enjoyed our mutual Chrissie Pressie!

Well, all for now,

Have a great Christmas.:wine:

Really pleased that you have set a date for the wedding.:thumb:


M and D
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