Day 1370 – Cabopino – 1 Dec 13

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Day 1370 – Cabopino – 1 Dec 13
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,
Well it's 60 days of continuous sunshine (12th) and more to come. Warmest October on record for Southern Spain. This is why we come away.:Cool:

Compiled and presented the quiz on Tuesday night and it went OK. 11 teams and I think people enjoyed it. Next time will be in the NY.

Jackie set off to the UK today (13th) and Paul joins her on Monday. He has his mother’s funeral to attend and then back on Friday.

Played Lawn Bowls again today (15th) in glorious sunshine. Then out for Tapa Exotica Part II with Paul. Overdid the gin at the Gin Bar at Fuengirola and Paul’s neighbours were not best pleased at 1245am!! We must grow up!

The weather has finally turned. From high 20’s to low 20’s and a cooler breeze. It was great while it lasted but everything’s relative…it's still warm and dry and I'm in my shorts!

After dropping off Paul, we visited Miramar at Fuengirola and then Mr Wok – which was disappointing.

Another week at Cabo, Quiz and Pizza, down to Andy’s at Cabo to watch the live music, Darts, Bowling and Petanca. There was a bit of drama at the quiz as the winning team were spotted using i-phones!!! Naughty, naughty!:Wink:

I’ve started the sequel to my book SNOW!, which I'm calling THAW! To be followed by FLOOD!, PLAGUE! and finally REBIRTH! Should keep me busy till 2017!:Wink:

Picked up Paul and Jackie from the airport (22nd) and will bus it into Cala tonight for a nosh.

Weather for your visit on Wednesday looking very good and your mother has a schedule of events for your delectation.

Caught the bus in to Cala Mijas last night (22nd) looking for a decent place to eat. There was hardly anywhere ope, A couple of Chinese, an empty El Gusto and an Irish bar full of ex-pats. So we walked towards the harbour and found the excellent El Picateo restaurant/bodega. Fab meal in lovely surroundings. Caught the bus home at 1040 for a game of late night crib.

One unsettling thing though. For the first time in 4 years we encountered a group of about 20 youths generally just hanging about being noisy and fairly intimidating. And yes, you’ve guessed – they were bloody ENGLISH! It's not good – even the dregs are getting out here now.

Looking forward to Chloe’s visit on Wednesday (27th) and Shirl is fussing around, cleaning, washing and tidying in preparation for the ‘royal visit’.

Well into the sequel to SNOW! And am going to call it THAW! SNOW! Is still selling really well and earning us a nice little extra pension.

Played bowls on Tuesday – thrashed everybody – and then on to Pauls Quiz at Mario’s. It was challenging and really enjoyable – quite a rowdy evening really. Canards won and are setting the quiz next week. I'm on again at Christmas.

Took the bus and train to the airport and surprised Chloe at the arrivals hall. Caught the train into Fuengirola and had Tapas at El Toston. Excellent.:thumb:

Weather is windy/cloudy today but tomorrow will be nice. The new record of 68 consecutive sunny and warm days was broken, so we’ll have to start again.

Went for a local drive to pick a few pressies and sightsee! Then to see ‘stELVIS’ at Mario’s. What a great night. Stelvis was excellent and provided great entertainment.

On Friday the sun came out and we took a drive up to the Bowls Club in Miraflores to have lunch and introduce Chloe to a few people. Then into Fuengi with P and J for some G & Ts at the Dry Martini Gin Bar. A very helpful waiter explained the differing gins and tonics and gave us 3 free to try. They also didn’t charge for tonic for any of our 10 drinks. Great night! Bus home with Speedy the Driver and got back in 15 minutes (normally 35).

Saturday and Chloe and Shirl visited the market in Cala Mijas. The lunched in the hot sun and returned in time to catch the bus to Marabella for Tapas and Christmas Lights. They were impressive – and from me that's some praise!

I ran Chloe to the airport on Sunday morning and she was home by 2pm and quaffing mulled wine by 3pm!

Great weekend. Clo, see you after Christmas.

M and D

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