Day 1350 – Cabopino – 11 Nov 13

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Day 1350 – Cabopino – 11 Nov 13
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Bade farewell to Bonterra Park after spending our last 2 evenings at Finbarr and Susan’s and then playing cards with John and Maggie. It was great to see all the friendly faces again after 2 years. We might see some of them at Cabo later in the year.

Bonterra is a good site with excellent facilities and a nice town/beach. However, the reception staff are poor – unhelpful and surly. Their pitch allocation policy is a shambles and quite frankly it is this one issue that will prevent us going back in the Spring. Shirl wants to return to see Maggie and others if we are passing, so we may re-visit in the future. We couldn’t stay the winter because of the ‘Beni Wind’ problem. Fierce and unpredictable winds occasionally sweep through the site causing significant damage and we need our safari room out during the winter – and we just won't risk it after experiencing this phenomenon before.

So, we drove down to Camping Armanello on the edge of Benidorm and joined Paul and Jackie for a few days..and nights! It's a compact little site with lots of over-winterers. It's on the edge of town and a 5 minute walk to the night life which we experienced at Levi’s Revue Bar last night. I don’t think our neighbours or the camp security guard appreciated our raucous 2am arrival back at camp!

It’ll be the Old Town tonight for ‘Tapas Alley’.
Started quietly after a 40 minute walk into town. Ended up a 2pm after tapas vino and pole dancing! Don’t ask! It's such good value here! All the food and drink we could down and 2 hours in a club for €17 (£15) per head all night. Can't go wrong, can you? And no herberts anywhere, just OAPs! The security guard on camp is getting used to us now! And our neighbours make a point of rising at 7am and having a particularly noisy breakfast!

Paul treated us to a birthday celebration for Jackie at the Benidorm Palace (Sat). It was packed and we enjoyed a 5 course meal with wine and fizz. The entertainment lasted 5 hours and was very professional. There was traditional dancing interspersed with comedy, juggling and other good speciality acts. All in all a great evening and I’d recommend it. It was something really out of the ordinary.

Sunday brought yet more sunshine (45 days in a row now) and a wander into Benidorm for the market. A WOK meal in the evening to celebrate sales of my novel. Sold 1200 last week and is No 4 on the Adventure/Action list bestseller list this week alongside Dan Brown!!!

We are packing up for departure to Almeria tomorrow (29th). Then 2 nights near Motril before piling into Cabopino on Friday. It’ll be nice to see everyone again. Hope my gout quietens down. Jorge’s here we come!

Said our farewells and drove away from the rain in Benidorm to the sunshine of La Garrofa near Almeria. Right on the beach but very tight for the wag and really dusty. Couldn’t stay here long. So we drove the extra 50 miles along the coast to Castilla De Banos. Nice little site on the beach – shale really. Only 5 or 6 vans here but we’ll chill out till Friday.

The Clarets went out of the cup to West Ham last night (29th) to 2 penalties. I bet John is laughing at Cabo. Shirl won the Fantasy Football for the 3rd week running but I’m still winning overall. Derrick is still way ahead of us though.

Your Halloween was fantastic!

Set off for Cabopino (1 Nov) and stopped at LIDL in Motril to shop. Then arrived at Cabo around noon to a chaotic scene. Of course, it's a Bank Holiday in Spain for Halloween and loads of Spanish caravans were blocking the entrance. The site was full and we were lucky to have booked as we got in by the skin of our teeth. However, our pitch had been ‘protected by Kelly, Rich , Ted and Mary so we drove straight on. Met up with loads of the Cabo Crowd: Bill, Linda, Peter, Jackie, John, Eve, Jimmy Dumfries, Jim, Bryan and Sam.

We set about cutting down a few overhanging branches and poor old John came a cropper when one fell on his head! No serious damage – probably knocked some sense into him. Then it was a few visits to see people and then down to Jorge’s for a couple of Blue G and Ts, followed by a pizza at Mario’s, finishing up a Kelly’s for a nightcap. Great first day and great to be ‘home’.

Dinner out at John and Eve’s. Then got down to getting the Safari Room set up. Due to the exceedingly hot weather we’ll only put up 2 sides and the windblocker.

Picked up the hire car at the airport with Ted and Mary. Got it for 3 months initially and it will use it to go shopping and bowling. Bargain! Works out at €2 per day.:thumb:
P and J arrived yesterday (4th) so we had the habitual Blue G and Ts. Quiz tonight.

With Carole and Brian to assist we came a very creditable 2nd! I'm setting the quiz next week as the usual guy is not available!

Started playing Petanca again and the pitches have had a new layer of sand. Tricky.:Eek!:
Also, brilliant financial news….The pound is at €1.20. (7th)

TGI Friday Fizz at F30 tonight…and had about 40 fellow campers round for a couple of hours for Cava, Alitas and Patatas Bravas a la Bill. Great to see all the crowd together again. Shirl danced till 11.30!

The week ended with a bus trip to Fuengirola with Paul, Jackie and Bryan to take part in the 5th Annual Ruta De La Tapa Erotica. The town was packed with people clutching their tapa passports and fighting for seats in bars. Great night enjoyed by all.

Well, the weather continues to be warm and sunny – just hope it's lasts till you arrive on the 27th.:Cool:

All for now
M and D
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