Day 135 - Pinarella - 15 Jul 10

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Cervia 4

Day 135 – Cervia Di Pinarella – 15 Jul 10

Hi Clo

Nice to speak to you on the Skype on Saturday last . It’s weird how the picture & comms have improved since we’ve been on this side of the country - almost perfect. Anyway, Mum & I really enjoy our little chats. I’ll send you that stuff we talked about.

Rob has arrived & our lovely Dutch Dancing Duo 4522 have gone. They e-mailed to say that they arrived safely back in Cloggie-land and that Holland was really getting excited about the World Cup Final. We’ll be cheering them on, on Sunday.

It was great for Spain to beat Germany. The bar was packed with Germans and at the final whistle I took great pleasure in reminding them that they cheated us out of a goal. Revenge is sweet – even if it’s vicarious.

Rob is sleeping outside the wag on the blow-up bed 4524 & behind the screens. The new side piece he brought out is really good and keeps the mossies away. It also works well as a privacy screen. However, you may wish to have the proper PVC room erected for your stay in L’Escala in September which we are really looking forward to.

Rob brought out loads of little items we needed like OXO & Piriton for mums bites & magazines & papers & mossie spray & mail…. Really useful. He only brought one shirt and 2 T-shirts and in temps of 100F he hasn’t needed any more. We’ve spent most days on the beach & cycled to different towns & markets. 4526 He likes the slow way of life & prefers the Italian approach to cycling 4546 – organised anarchy. We got bollocked the first night by a sleepy Italian we were keeping up by chatting till 1230 am so we’ve been pretty restrained since. We’ve been tired most nights and sleeping well with all this sun. Mum and Rob drove to San Marino 4555 on Wednesday – infact Mum drove – so she is now fully checked out on the Smartie. She’s talking about heading off to the big shopping centre next week. 0030

They are on the beach doing some emergency tanning before he leaves tonite (SAT) at 1830. I’m catching up with admin again. It never ends. 4544

Rob got home OK and the status quo is resumed. Latest news is that our internet café is closed because the owner, Mario, had a bad car crash & is out of action for several months. Poor chap. So we have found another place. Even better we think. The Curry Point in Cervia serves as an Internet Point. It’s cheaper, faster, we can Skype, and has a printer and the Indian bloke is really friendly. However, we tried to Skype from there with no luck. What a dick-dance. First computer – no sound. 2nd no connection – 3rd wouldn’t take password – back to first – no sound. All this in a backroom full of sacks of rice from Bangla Desh & in temps of 100 degs plus! So much for computer technology! Mum ended up chatting via message on Skype & then phoning. We need to find a new place.

We’ve also, got a new double bicycle rack, so the bikes don’t lean up against the trees anymore. Mum drove to the superstore on her own today – she is now officially checked out on Smartie. Next test is going somewhere on her own that she doesn’t know. Ah, but I will have Doc Brown to help me out.

Saw the World Cup final. Holland was terrible they just didn’t play, Spain deserved to win. They will now be unbearable – especially this winter.

42 Degrees C today – Tuesday (13th) on the beach at Pinarella – I think that is 107 F!!! Our wag was 30C at midnight. Weird as well – haven’t seen a mossie in 4 days now and really no bugs to speak of. Which is great for us but I understand from friends back home there is a plague of thunder flies at present! Our ultra-violet light machine hardly catches anything. Hope it continues.4550.

Except I got attacked in the revenge of the earwigs. The brother of the one that got me in Canterbury stowed away & attacked me last night – but I got it as well. :Rofl1:

All for now


M & D:thumb:
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