Day 1271 – Ruskington / London – 27 Aug 13

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Day 1271 – Ruskington / London – 27 Aug 13

Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,

Disaster struck this Thursday – 1 Aug – when we went to the 'van. We had decided to buy a new skirt for the awning and we needed to measure it up. We had returned from Skeggie on Saturday and parked up for the duration until we left for Lee Valley on 31st. However, as luck would have it we went up and as we opened the door, I was met by a horrid damp odour and further investigation revealed a flood of biblical proportions!:cry:

The bl**dy HEKI, which CAMPERUK were supposed to have fixed at the last Habitation check had let in gallons of rainwater during the thunderstorms during the week. It also didn’t help that the 'van was EXACTLY level – lesson….always park up on a slope so the water runs off!

Anyhoo, it meant removing all cushions and rugs and emptying all floor level cupboards. The carpet had acted as a wick and water had seeped throughout the entire floor area – even into the garage. Luckily, it was the hottest day of the year, so we started the big dry up. Carole drove into Sleaford and hired a de-humidifier from Jewsons - £38 per day! – whilst I got blisters on my hands squeezing out wet towels. All the windows were opened and after 4 or 5 hours we were sort of dry –ish.

We started the de-humidifier and left it overnight. By the morning, about 5 litres of water had been sucked out of the atmosphere and the smell wasn’t too bad. The carpets are 90% dry so I’ve taped up the HEKI and arranged a refit with Grantham Caravans next week. I’d go back to CAMPERUK, but I’d only be wasting my breath. I just hope we don’t get any more downpours.


Chloe and Chris, the newly engaged couple came over to Ruskington for a weekend visit and we spent a pleasant couple of days in and around the village. The weather was kind and Carole enjoyed seeing the new ring. The new garden chair was erected and I look forward to trying it out at the engagement party.

Went back to the 'van to check if it was still dry, despite some rain. And, Hurrah, it was. So my bodge tape did the job. We drove to GRANTHAM Caravans only to discover I had booked it in at DONINGTON caravans! Serious case of dementia kicking in. So it was a drive along the High Dyke towards Boston to drop it off and arranged for a few other jobs to be looked at. They seem fairly nice – we’ll see! The leak – or lack of it – will tell all!

For all my Australian readers – our good old British rain did the trick once again…but there again getting thrashed in the previous 2 tests might have had something to do with it!!! Better luck at Christmas.

Returned to the Queen’s head for the 3rd time in less than a month to meet up with friends and this time it was the Steak Night with Bill and Carol. I joined up with Bill in 1972 and he has recently finally retired from the RAF – but continues to fly the last remaining Vulcan – or at least until fatigue does for it. It was nice to reminisce and catch up. See you next year.

We then drove in to Donington Caravans to pick up the 'van. All of the jobs had been done and the leak has been staunched. I must give the staff a high recommendation. They were polite, attentive, good value for money, professional and generally user-friendly. There is a very good little spares shop on site and they have good contacts with local tradesmen. We will definitely use them again next year for all of our ‘habitation’ issues and would re-emphasise my continuing experience, which shows that large, busy ‘Motorhome workshops’ are not the way ahead. A lack of attention to detail and basic care is severely lacking in most cases. I am thoroughly fed up of being ‘ripped-off’ by the larger concerns which appear to be only interested in generating cash. Whatever happened to customer care? It certainly exists at Donington Caravans. (www.doningtoncaravans, I’ve written to CamperUK – we’ll see if they respond. I doubt it. (no reply after 2 weeks)

Gave lunch to Derrick and Jean on Sunday as a small thank-you for looking after our garden whilst we are away. Then saw Tim and Carol (yes, another Carol!) for lunch. Tim is still working all the hours God gives. Perhaps he should divert some of his energies and skills into making PNE a half decent team! Nice to catch up, see you all next year.

Off to Settle via Harrogate to see fellow Claret Bryan and Hils. Should get to the Turf on Saturday but when we get home it's into pack up mode – both the 'van and the house for the 10 months away.

Great weekend with Bry and Hils, and the Clarets moved to 3rd with a win. They were terrible for 70 minutes and were lucky that Yeovil were so bad. We travelled via Harrogate and stayed at the Crown Hotel, which was excellent. Carole insisted on brunch at Bettys.

Now home and the countdown is on. One good thing is that the pound is up to €1.74 today (19th) which is up 3 cents in a week.

Drove down to Walthamstow, via Swayfield to pick up Chris’s Grannie. Chloe was mildly worried by the weather, but as it happened the Engagement Party was a great success. Chloe and Chris celebrated their engagement in superb style with loads of friends and relatives. :BigGrin:

Now it's a final week of admin and tidying at home before we set off to Lea Valley on Saturday and then the Ferry to Calais on Monday morning (2 Sep). Can't wait!

Well, that's all for now. It's been a nice summer at home and the engagement topped it all off.

Now into Europe for a rest!:thumb:
Next report should be from Colmar.
M and D
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