billkce Jul 13, 2010
Hi Cloggies

Nice to hear from you - Carole is preparing a full reply. Pity about the football but your lot just didn't play.:Sad:


Bill from the Curry Point Internet Shop!!!!:Doh:[

QUOTE=Heleen;bt517]Hi Bill & Carole,

Here - as promised - a message from the "Dutch Dance Couple with the tent". Have you already switched places?:BigGrin: Or has someone else entered pitch 209?
Must say we're sad our holiday is over. Could have easily enjoyed ourselves a few weeks more overthere... Had a great time, also thanks to our neighbours!:thumb:

Holland reached the final! Hope they can beat Spain this Sunday... Will be tough though. Spain played pretty well against Germany tonight.

Our lives went immediately into full speed again, but luckely we have a not too busy weekend ahead with beautiful weather and hopefully a big party on Sunday! We start with a BBQ at the dancingschool where we work, so I guess it will be fun.

Ciao to everyone overthere!

Jan-Willem & Heleen[/QUOTE]