Day 1217 – Ruskington – 1 July 13

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Day 1217 – Ruskington – 1 July 13

Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Arrived at a very quiet Lee Valley after a couple of hours on the M25. It surely is the ‘Road to Hell’. After Spain and France and very little of traffic at all, UK driving is a nightmare. I was concentrating 100%, both hands on the wheel and working harder than I used to do flying in Tornadoes! :Doh:

Anyhoo, we picked the bikes up from a very helpful Halfords in Horsham and remounted them on the bike rack. Luckily, I put the cover on as it absolutely bucketed down in London on Saturday.

Back to Friday though, when we met up at your place with the Tanswells and were present at the inaugural Pizza Oven eat-ex! What a great success. Brilliant pizzas – not round – but who says they have to be! :BigGrin:

Then into London on Saturday, via £8 Travel cards to the ‘RiojaTapasFantasticas’ near Tower Bridge, where Paul and Jackie met us. Yes, it rained, so we adjourned to a very crowded pub, where I SWEAR, Colin Farrell was at the next table.

Walked back to Liverpool St and trained it home. Today, 16th is Father’s Day and 34th Anniversary, so I'm anticipating many pressies!
Lovely lunch with Clo and Shirl is now swotting up on her new Kindle Fire.

Drove back in sort of convoy to Welby, parked up the 'van after unloading it and drove home. The house and garden were fine – thanks to Helen and Derek for keeping an eye out for us, doing the garden and forwarding the mail. It's a great help and comfort. Now to answer the mail, get a mortgage to do some shopping and sell Smartie.:cry:

Got home and the place was spotless. It's amazing how no access to air prevents dust. The garden was fantastic and the mail not too bad. We soon got sorted and now enter a round of shopping and chores.

Put Smartie and the trailer on Ebay – what a nightmare. I was plagued by Nigerian con men and scammers from London trying to fiddle us! Anyhoo, I’ve sold the trailer to a chap in Stevenage who has paid a £200 deposit via Paypal. I'm waiting on the car.

I’ve bought a TV license and will claim the refund in August for the 10 months in Europe. Why can't TV licensing have a monthly option? Also, banked the cheque from NFU for the stolen bikes. Cannot rate them highly enough. Excellent service! :thumb:

On the other hand Eon tried to up my monthly DD to a ridiculous rate. I’ve changed that! Just like Anglian Water. Even though I’ve told them both, several times, that we are not in occupation, they JUST DON’T LISTEN!!!! and charge us as if we are here when estimating!

Anyway, I finally crumbled and accepted a phone offer of £700 for the trailer. The chap paid £200 deposit via Paypal and will pick up the trailer tomorrow (22nd). Also, a bidding frenzy has started on Smartie and is up to a fair price with 4 days to go. Still watching the eBay ad for Smartie and by midday on 25th (last day) it's made a fair sum. The trailer went off OK and it was quite sad to see it drive off down the road. Never mind…things change.

Going for a haircut today and we might even have our first BBQ today or tomorrow (26th). Off to see the Morrissessess on Friday for a few days.

Car sold – to a dealer in Brighton. He’s not picking it up till the 15th from Sleaford train stn. However, he has paid a £100 holding deposit, so it should be OK.

Drove up to Huddersfield and spent a very pleasant weekend with the Morrissessess, who we met in 2011 at Almafra/Bonterra/Cabo. Ended up running the coconut shy at the village fete. See you again next year.

Looks like you had a great week in Lloret de Mar. At last you got Sun in Spain!!

Well, that's all for now, all quite mundane at home but getting all of those jobs done that need doing. Next big events are a week in Ipswich at the Moon and Sixpence with Eve and John, then the Northern Motorhome Show to complete stocking up for winter.

Mum will see you later in the month,
M and D

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