Day 120 - Cervia - 30 Jun 10

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30 Jun 10 – Day 120

Cervia 2

Hi Clo

I know it’s a while since Italy were knocked out of the World Cup, but an eerie silence has crept over the land. It means huge financial losses for all the shirt sellers, bars, shops & other businesses who were relying on Italy getting to at least the semi-final. It’s a real shame. The atmosphere here has also dissipated as the Italians have lost complete interest in Il Mondiale!

Anyway, England are probably out by now, beaten by old enemies Germany or Argentina. Never mind, it was expected. But at least France got their just desserts after cheating Ireland out of their rightful place. What goes around comes around.

We are still beaching it every afternoon, getting there around noon & staying about 4 hours at our bagno. A nice spot just yards from the sea. We take our lunch & chill out taking in the rays. We generally walk up or down the beach to see what’s going on for an hour. We reckon it will get really busy next month. It’s fairly quiet & at about 1pm all the Italians disappear for lunch & we are the only ones left on the beach. Then at 3.30 they all re-appear. Sunday are manic. There are literally thousands of Italians promenading up & down. All shapes & sizes and all in bikinis!!!

We have used the bikes a lot, cycling everywhere – especially to the beach. The area is flat so there is no effort involved. The cycling rules appear somewhat flexible. In saying that I mean that there appear to be NO rules. Everyone on a cycle goes just wherever they want -wrong way up one way streets, on the wrong side of the road, on the pavement. No – one looks where they are going & the cars just let them get on with it and accept the situation. No horns blaring like there would be in England. I don’t really know which is best – complete Italian bicycling anarchy or our set of cycling proficiency rules. At least here one expects the unexpected and just gets on with it. At home people are far less tolerant. Anyway, we just go with the flow & cycle like Italians – when in Rome etc……

We have been to a couple of street markets which are full of the usual tat but millions of shoes. We also pick up stuff cheap that we will always need like toiletries, kitchen roll & things for the BBQ. We cycled to Cesanatico today thru 5 kms of woodland adjoining the beach. Saw all the places we stayed at in 1988 and the town has really expanded & now is really quite touristy, nevertheless it was well worth a visit. We’ll probably cycle there with Rob next week.

We have decided that we are the only Brits on the East Coast of Italy. We haven’t seen so much as a GB plate on a car let alone a van. Not an English voice to be heard or newspaper to be bought. They are missing great weather & beaches – but I suppose there are no pubs or fish & chip shops or Sunday roasts to be had – so that makes it a no-go area for haters of that ‘ foreign muck they call food’. All the more for us!

The camp has filled up today with weekenders & motorhomes are stacked 3 deep on the campsite. They are all squeezed into very small pitches so we feel a bit guilty with our double sizer! The Italians are really into motorhomin’ – there are hundreds of wags parked all over the place. On roads, side-roads, grass verges, parking areas, woods, by the beach – just about anywhere you can squeeze one in – WITHOUT PAYING. We think that most of these are overnighters cos you can’t go long without fresh water & emptying the khazi! Most of the vans are really old & well used with no real attention to the outside like Brits, a bit like their houses really. There seem to be 2 types of Italian motorhomers. One group like our own – 50+ couples travelling and living the life. Then there are the other group which is not prevalent in the UK – 30 somethings with young children just coming out for the weekend. Usually, grannie & granddad are with them to be near to the children. Lots of dogs with these families as well. This group are the ones who will just head for the coast and park it anywhere & nip down to the beach for the day – where, by the way, dogs are NOT allowed.

Yes, England lost & we were cheated again. Enough said – they were crap anyway.

Its Sunday, and another day on the beach & cycling around. Shirl has been getting bitten quite a lot recently & has become really allergic. The bites take about 24 hours to come up – but when they do – wow! Her eye is currently all swollen up & we have bought some anti-hystimenos – we think – from the Farmacia. Hopefully, it will go down soon. (now all better, not infection, just allergic reaction).

Just been reviewing the Spanish plan & have realised that I had left myself some really long transits – 500km per day – to do. So that will have to be re-planned soon before we book our final sites.

I am the eye monster! It’s now Monday morning and my left eye has swollen so that I can barely see out of it! I just can’t understand why I am having this reaction to mozzie bites and dad isn’t. The ‘the worm has turned’. I think we might be seeking out a local doctor to see if I can get more instant relief, but then again I am sure things will settle given time, but it would be nice to be prepared for this sort of thing in the future.

We cycled to the local tourist doctor – 20 Italians waiting, so we gave up on that & cycled to the Ospedale in Cervia. The place was deserted and reminded me of something out of Phantom of the Opera!! Directed to ‘tourist doctor’ again to find locked door & Italian couple waiting outside. Nurse eventually appears from another door & allocates order to see doctor. Italian couple go in – doctor rushes out, points at 3rd couple in queue & tells them to go away. We stay put. Doctore returns & tries to send us away. I say ‘inglese’ he says OK & 5 mins later we are in. He looks at eye & says ‘not good’. Mum looks worried. He says ‘ infectione’. I whisper to mum ‘just nod your head’. He dishes out prescription after telling us what a bad day he has had. We get prescription filled at Farmacia for €9 – E111 works apparently & mum starts anti-biotics. However, at 6pm when I am drinking vino bianco she decides that antibiotics are not necessary as lump going down – so she can have a drink!!

Had to completely re-vamp plan today and now going via Madrid on way home in March. I had not really planned the distances to drive correctly. All sorted now. New itinerary sent.

Went shopping again yesterday, DAY 100 sleeping in the wag! Rob arrives at 2130 on Saturday at Rimini, so it will be nice to have him stay for a week. I now know its really getting warm, cos your mother, after leaving the beach, whilst cycling home thru the pine trees says: ‘ ooh, it’s a bit chilly’. Temperature was 29 deg C!!

Speak soon


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