Day 114 - Pinerella Di Cervia - 24 Jun 10

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Pinerella Di Cervia

Hi Clo

Here I sit in the wag on Sunday morning (Father’s Day) with the rain teeming down outside. I’ve sent mum off to the shop to get some raviolis & bread for lunchio. It’s OK – she’s got an umbrella & it’s only a few hundred yards! And at least the rain has got rid of the bloody people with the 4 bloody barking dogs!

Anyway, got here just about safely enough. By now the photo of the low bridge should be posted. Mum really thought we wouldn’t make it out of the Fano site. But we did. I re-measured the height of the van & got 3.15m which is what has saved us from a graunching. We got to Cervia in good time – but I might have programmed Doc Brown slightly wrong & we ended up doing 6 circuits of Cervia asking for directions to the campsite. That was OK as we only just scraped under yet another bloody low bridge when we crossed the coastal railway again. 15cms to spare this time – but no indication of bridge height given. Mum was having kittens!!

We were given a good welcome at Camping Adriatico & shown to our reserved pitch (some Germans had to move out) in the top corner next to a vineyard. So we are not in the middle of hundreds of people but have some privacy & lots of shade. Not good today in the rain – but when the temperature gets up to 35 degs every day, we’ll be grateful for all the shade we can get – especially at night. We’ve set up the area nicely & it should be a good stay. We cycled 10 miles yesterday to Milano Marittima and back along the coastal cycle path. Paid the world record for a medio beer & an Aperol - €16.50…….. but we got some nuts & crisps as well.

(Mums back with bread & vino declaring the day very rainy and it’ll be a liquid lunch in the wag as it’s too cold to sit out!)

Anyway, had a nice meal last night at a local trattoria and I think we’ll go back for Mum’s birthday as she had her eyes on a Fritto Misto di Pesce!! Oh, well – breaking for lunch…………

1600…..Still raining – reminds me of Cervia 88 when the Tornado flooded & we had to leave it in Ghedi after it ‘fused’ in flight! Invited the Dutch Ballroom Dancing Tenters in from the cold last night. Nice couple who have been coming here for 6 years. Drove 1400kms from N Holland in ONE NIGHT!!!!:Doh:

Monday morning…. Still raining……going for walk to find restaurant to spend day in to eat ourselves to cheerfulness as part of your fathers day lunch….Weather now officially downgraded from ‘rainy’ to ‘dogshit’! Anyone with a tent here is wet, wet, wet! We are going to the beach to try & negotiate a good price with one of the bagnos for sunbeds & shade for the next 6 weeks. Might be pricey. Either that or it’s the free beach…what do you say Rob?

I think they’ve started a suicide watch on the campsite for distraught Italians – what with the NZ footie result and all.

Just been for a walk. Found the internet & then decided on a beach bagno. Did a deal with No 164 – Renato’s – its usually €17 per day but we knocked him down to €7 including a free week for Rob. It’s a big outlay but at £6 per day for 6 weeks if we are on the beach we are probably not out spending on lunches and touristing – so it’s a bit of a loss leader. Out to a night market later & then tomorrow – the BEACH……:Rofl1:


M & D

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