Day 1139 – Leaving Cabopino - 14 Apr 13

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Day 1139 – Leaving Cabopino - 14 Apr 13
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,

Sun is out with a vengeance and serious tanning going on. Many of our pals have moved on now, but Brian and Carole move in on Wed, (3rd) and that should liven things up.

We ate Paul’s Easter Egg yesterday after a ‘smash’ over G and T’s. I didn’t get one ….they were €6.95 in Iceland for a standard £1 ASDA egg!!!!!!!

Well, Carole and Brian and the kids arrived on time (3rd) but started to rain as they arrived at Bryan’s pad. Never mind, it will get better by the weekend.

Went for a drink at Mario’s with the Morocco 8 and enjoyed their tales of adventure in the desert. So much so, that we are thinking of joining them next March for a month, before we head back to Northern Europe. We’ll have to discuss it further. Would mean spending my 60th in Marrakech, but I can think of worse places!

We've organised a Grand National Sweep for Saturday at Jorge’s. Sold 40 x €1 tickets in a flash! Should be fun as we’ll go down mob-handed. At least it might have stopped raining by then.

Friday and it's doggers. Heavy, persistent rain. But it should stop by tomorrow and then……sun, sun, sun.

We are going to the WOK to break up the monotony and then shopping at Mirimar and then cards at P and J’s tonight. Come on sun!!! Wok was good and more sophisticated than the usual mass-produced stuff they usually dish up.
Out came the sun! Scorchio…….

Well, for all of you aficionados out there, just to prove that Cabopino has a really tasty nightlife – Shirl had 24 in her box by midnight! No, you naughty people – IT WAS CRIB! 24 in her crib box!!

The we went down to Jorge’s for the National and Olivia won the sweep. William and Eleanor came 2nd and 4th. Hope it's not a slippery slope!

Then the final Paella Sunday of the season on the 7th with about 20 neighbours tucking into Paella and Patatas Bravas. Then a quiz in which Kelly starred and her team narrowly pipped ours. A very pleasant way to say goodbye. We are off next Monday (15th) and are now slowly starting the packing up process. I don’t think the car will sell so we’ll tow it back home and sell it there. 2 very keen and athletic cyclists, Nicola and Steve parked up next door and were competing locally, and joined us for a beer after Nicola came 2nd in her class..

Margaret Thatcher died today (8th). She gave those Argies a lesson they won't soon forget!
RIP, Maggie.
‘Great Woman, Great Leader, Great Briton!’

Got to arrange the 'van insurance this week as it runs out on the 17th and we’ll be on the road. I will arrange a Green Card for next year’s Morocco trip as I think we have decided to go for a month from 1 March and then go straight onto Sweden on 1 April.
It will be a 4-ship with Paul and Jackie, Janet and John and John and Kay, who will lead. It should be a laugh even though we’ve done enough Arab countries to last more than a lifetime.

Summer temperatures are here at last (10th) and afternoon temps are exceeding 30 degrees C. We are now fully into packing up mode, stashing booze for UK use, cleaning the 'van – especially the roof. The awning will start to come down tomorrow.

Jackie has left for the UK to see her mum and we wish them both well. We’ll see her in November – or perhaps at Lake Garda.

We won the last quiz on Tuesday so she set sail as a champion. Pity her Boules wasn’t up to scratch as Paul and I gave the girls a thorough spanking on Tuesday afternoon.

Some people! Campsite etiquette or just plain and simple good manners seem to pass some people by. OK, we are not the quietest of folk sometimes, but when we have a ‘do’ we invite the neighbours and finish before the 12 midnight bewitching hour. What we don’t do is act as if we are the only people on the site. Example: we have a water supply tap next to our van which serves about 10 pitches. We share it and campers are continually trekking down the side of our 'van to collect drinking water. That's fine with us, as we chat to most of them as they do it. However, what does irritate are the campers who insist on rinsing their used cooking pots here instead of washing up at the designated areas. Some rinse out their clothing and wash their hands and when challenged, shrug their Gallic/Teutonic shoulders and say they ‘don’t understand.’ The problem is that the water does not drain away – it only evaporates slowly - and now is brown and smelly and stagnant and has little red microscopic worms swimming in it. Probably not too healthy if they get into a drinking supply!
And then today, a woman walking her dog thought she would just stop and pull up all the Gazania plants that Ted and Mary had planted on their semi-permanent pitch. When challenged, she just threw them to the ground and wandered off. Shirl had to replant them.
Some people! :Doh::Angry:
Don’t even get me started about the dog-owners who let their pooches do their ‘business’ on empty pitches!

Lucy, William and El returned to the UK today after just over a week staying at Bryans. After the sun came out they really enjoyed themselves and the kids made friends with Kelly’s 2.

Another farewell party at Olivia and Stephen’s. Great food and company and that Olivia was trying to get me drunk! She succeeded with Shirl who ended up dancing solo at Mario’s when we went to get a pizza. Phil the foot was there and looking a lot better better after his recent heart problems to add the the snapped Achilles.

Managed to squeeze in some Bowls this morning (13th) in between packing up.
Just about done now. Stored some bits in Bryan’s shed after putting down ant traps. Thanks Bryan, see you on the 28 May.

Going out with Kelly, Rich and the kids plus Carole and Brian to the Schnitzel tonight for a farewell feast. Should be good. And it was! Shirl pre-ordered the ‘Haxe’ or leg of pork. Superbe. I must say that the service, atmosphere and food at El Cortijo is always excellent. Might do Christmas Day there.

Then to the flea market at the Hipodromo on Sunday morning for a final scavenge.

Then it's homeward bound. 10 stops en-route to St Malo. But only to Torre Del Mar first – 50 kms up the road. Bye-bye Cabo, see you in November. It's been a great winter – best yet. And thanks to all of the great people who’ve made it so enjoyable.:thumb::BigGrin:

All for now
M and D

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