Day 1126 – Cabopino/Morocco/Africa - 1 Apr 13

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Day 1126 – Cabopino/Morocco/Africa - 1 Apr 13
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,
Sun’s out and we’ve been doing some vicarious travelling…….:Cool:

Also, the Processionary caterpillars are crawling down the pine tree on the next pitch. Sue got away just in time. The Danish couple are out every morning at dawn killing and scraping them up in an attempt to save their new little Westie. Yesterday (17th) I had a nasty rash on my left thigh which itched like hell and lasted most of the day. Thinking back it could have been a stray caterpillar hair as I was on Sue’s pitch seeing here out. Also, 2 days running, I woke up suddenly in the night coughing with a really unexplained tickly throat. After, 10 minutes of gargling and regurgitation, it settled down. Can't see any other explanation except a stray hair from the pesky caterpillars! Or I swallowed a spider!:Rofl1:

No quiz so we had one of our own. Bryan hosted, I cooked chilli and devised the quiz. Had a good laugh and didn’t have to wait for food!!! Might do it again!

Btitta, Alex and Chanti came round for lunch in the sun (20th) and we pumped them for tourist info re Denmark and Norway. Very useful info received and we’ll see them next year in Denmark. In addition, the Export Pedigree Licence came for the dog, so Britta is very happy!

Victory! Mario has relented! Only 2 people turned up for his singer on Tuesday, so he has ‘requested’ nay, ‘demanded’ that Geoff the Quizmaster comes back and brings all his friends with him! We are all debating whether to snub him, but have decided not to descend to his level of petulance!

The weather has turned for the better, so the sun reigns in the sky!

Decided not to ‘Spanish-ify’ the car. It's just too expensive, so selling it is the best option! Had some interest here but no buyer yet. At worst we’ll take it home and sell it there.

Bryan had his party (24th) and about 25 people enjoyed good company and darts. Apart from the ‘international incident’ concerning the excessive advantage given to the girls, it was a good do and the weather held up!

My birthday today – now in my 60th year! Oh dear – it can't be happening!

Read up on the Duma travels through Africa and they are about to enter Nigeria, and I fear that their relatively friendly journey so far may end and they may encounter some less than helpful locals!

A picture from the Duma Travels in Africa….this is not a wine stall – it's PETROL in those bottles in 40 degrees C!!!!!!!

Did you know that cashews grew like this? I didn’t.

This is real wild camping!
Try catching up with them…it's a really good read!

Went for a walk (25th) along a windy beach to the Triana beach restaurant for a bottle of wine and some calamaris. Then back to a surprise lunch at Ted and Mary’s, where Ted had roasted a whole suckling baby pig. Scrumptious and I although I make apologies to non-meat-eaters – it's a fact of life that some humans enjoy eating meat. A very pleasant afternoon – thanks to Shirl for organising everything. Nice cake Jackie and Paul.

Did you hear about the man in Disneyland, Florida got awarded $8000 for being stuck on the ‘It's a Small World’ ride for 30 minutes with the music playing continuously! I'm surprised he wasn’t committed after his release and got a MILLION dollars! Have you ever been on this ride!!! Even the Simpsons got poisoned by the water! ‘It’s a Small, Small World! OMG!

Darts were back last night. (27th); and even though the lights failed after round 2, we won on Bryans last quiz before he sets off for France later this week. Bon Voyage Bryan and Sam. See you on the 28th May in Coex.
He precedes Ted and Mary and Mike and Alison who all leave on Tuesday. See you next year and thanks for your hospitality.

Also, Alex, Britta and Westie, Chanti, go on Tuesday back to Denmark. See you next year.

Jackie is flying home next week to see her mum in hospital, so Paul will be a ‘bachelor boy’ for a few weeks and hopes to meet up with Jackie in Barcelona in time to catch a ferry to Genoa on 26 April. Also, Steve and Gill, who wander in and out of Cabo are setting off home as well

On the arrivals front, Kelly and the girls arrived this morning, (31st) and are pleased with the platform that local handyman, Terry, built in their absence. The weather is not great but is due to pick up. It's warm anyway as the wind has gone round to the south bringing the horrible yellow sandy dust with it!

Poor old Phil, though. Not only have Leeds lost yet again, but he had a issue with his blood and warfarin, and has had to be admitted to hospital. Hopefully, it's under control, but added to the snapped tendon it's not been a good month.

Had a few Friday night beers at Jorge’s in Cabo harbour on Friday, and Jorge was kind enough to thank us for our custom over the winter and bought a round of drinks. A nice gesture not often experienced these days. We’ll be back!

The campsite is overrun with Spanish for the Easter break, with hundreds of children rampaging around the site. It must be murder here in June-August. So we sat outside in the sun yesterday, when suddenly Dougie wandered up to the 'van with a tale of woe. They were supposed to be heading north to Barcelona to join a cruise. However, during the packing up from Benalmadena, they dropped a wallet with credit cards and lost them. So, after a massive, but unsuccessful, search operation they decided to stay here for a few nights (€35 per night over Easter!!!!) just in case anybody handed them in. Not a happy couple, to say the least. However, joy of joys, a taxi driver found them and handed them back to the hotel. Consequently, they headed back today (31st) to thank him and pick up the CCs. It's another salutary lesson though, the price of security is ETERNAL vigilance. It might be a pain in the neck sometimes – but in the long run, it's easier to be extra-careful with things that matter to avoid the long-term grief that comes with a lost wallet, passport or keys! And the pickpockets arrive with the tourist season.
After all, who’s in a hurry out here!:Doh:

Two lads raising money for Red Nose Day…you can see where they inherited those noses from, Paul.

Just 2 weeks left for us before we set off west and north for France and home by 28 June. 10 weeks of touristing and trying new campsites – should be good. We are seeing Pat and Maria at Argeles, Bryan at Coex and Alan and Mary in Carnac, Brittany. We still haven’t sold the car/trailer, although had some interest. We’ll still take it home and sell it on eBay or in MMM.
Just off to watch Chelsea knock Man Utd out of the cup.
The Morocco 8 are back tomorrow – so we’ll get the tales of their adventure over a paella.

Well done again on the pay rise. I'm sure you’ll get that promotion soon.
All for now, thanks for the birthday pressies – am cooking loads of those ‘Hairy Dieter’ recipes for mum.:BigGrin:
Mum and Dad

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