Day 1111 – Cabopino 17 Mar 13 - MCXI

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Day 1111 – Cabopino 17 Mar 13 - MCXI

Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,
Well, we made Day 1111 and we are really glad we brought our party forward as the weather today is Dogsh*t!!! :cry:
The one big stat is that 822 days or 88% of the weather on the road has been better than home! And if just for that it has all been well worthwhile!

High drama at the Quiz!!!! Everybody, BUT everybody wanted to watch Man Utd v Real Madrid, so the chap who runs the quiz cancelled it at short notice. Mario, the bar owner was furious, so cancelled all further quizzes and has installed a singer on Tuesday nights. Outrage ensued, with campers plotting to hold their own quiz in the community room. So Hugh, quizmaster 2, approached Mario and reached a compromise, pointing out that Mario was ‘cutting his nose to spite his face!’ So, the result is that the quiz will now be fortnightly and honour/Face is saved! Oh, the excitement of it all!!! ( Hot Poop!!! – Quiz is now OFFICIALLY CANCELLED FOR EVER and EVER – or UNTIL MARIO relents!):Doh:

Weather has been iffy but we squeezed some bowls in on Friday. My bloody cold just won't go away and it’ll be off to the pharmacy on Monday.

We had ‘bangers ‘n mash’ at P and J’s on Friday starting at 3pm. By 12 pm Paul was well and truly rat-faced and fell into a bush whilst putting out the empties. His neighbours must be dreading Fridays! (they moved to another pitch next day).:sorry2:
No alcohol till Friday. We must give our livers a rest!

Bryan’s daughter and grandkids are out for a week and luckily have got a bit of sun.
More people are drifting away and more Germans are moving in.

One bit of bad luck for our friend Phil, the Leeds supporter who lives in a 5th wheeler. He was out shopping at superSol and tripped on a bollard as he got out of his car. Snapped his Achilles tendon and now goes into hospital tomorrow (12th) for surgery. Could be months in recovery and plaster. What's worse is that he's sold his 'van to a Spanish bloke in Madrid and has to hand it over soon. However, he can't drive or travel for a couple of months, so he has to find accommodation in the meantime. It just goes to show how careful we have to be at our age! The upside is that the E111 system worked very well at the Spanish hospital and they were actually glad they didn’t have private.

The operation went very well, albeit 24 hours late! They just have to wait now until the tendon is back in shape. At least 2 months!

And then….yet more campsite drama – is there no end to the excitement and intrigue?????:Eek!:
Bryan was sitting outside his pad taking in the rays, when a German caravan drove past at great speed, insomuch as it went over a bump and Bryan heard all the crockery bounce up and down smashing inside! Anyhoo, it raced off down the road, passed us and Teds 'van, and attempted to take the corner without stopping. Result? He took it too wide and his rear end made friends with the bike rack of an innocently parked fellow German 'van. Consequence? Bike rack badly bent and twisted but caravan severely punctured! It appears that the chap was just trying to preposition for a quick start next morning. Not a lucky chap really, as sadly, his partner died on day 2 back in October. Moral of the story – take it slow on campsite roads and if in doubt, get a nosey neighbour to see you round!

Sun has come out and it's very warm, so bowls this week was excellent.

Drove to Benalmadena to see Elizabeth and Dougie for our annual lunch meet. They were both in fine form and really enjoying their time at the Sunset Beach Timeshare Hotel Complex. It's very impressive and we are considering a mid-winter break from the 'van there.

Sue of the Sahara came back last week and parked next door. She was all settled in for the long haul when suddenly she was offered a job as a camp guard (sorry – Warden) at a site in the New Forest starting next Wednesday. So it was a hive of activity, booking a ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth, planning a route and camp stops and packing up the awning. However, she managed it all and set off this morning for Madrid. (17th). Safe journey Sue, and good luck with the new job! See you in November.

Been some good photos sent from Morocco.

Raining again today but I'm sure that after Tuesday, it's set fair till we leave on 15 April.

All for now
Take care,
M and D
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