Day 1100 – Cabopino 6 Mar 13

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Day 1100 – Cabopino 6 Mar 13
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Well, your mother got back safely. :BigGrin:Bryan let me use his car as it was raining really hard as I left for the airport and Smartie would have struggled. Her flight was on time and it seems that she had a really enjoyable week. She likes to come and visit and is really grateful to Sue and Les for putting her up for a week.

It's now back to the daily grind of Cabopino – Quiz tonight which Paul and I have devised. Should be fun.

Went twice to Malaga yesterday with our Danish friends to try and obtain an Export Pedigree License for their newly bought Westie. It appeared to go OK and the Certificate should arrive within a month.

It's still raining quite hard but should clear up by tomorrow. Bowling Thursday and golf Friday!

Invites for the St Patricks Day Race Meet will have to go out this weekend. In fact, we looked at the weather and then realised that we had a really sunny and warm day coming up this Monday (25th) added to which most of our friends are beginning to drift away, so we have brought the Race Meet forward to Monday. Invites are out and it should be a laugh!

Played golf on Wednesday and we tied with Carole and Jackie who won the last hole. Everyone won at least one hole and although we lost at least a dozen balls between us, it was thoroughly enjoyable.:Laughing:

The weather has turned a bit rainy but the awning is holding out well. The rig across the road is getting serious work done to secure it against the weather. Kelly and the girls have been here for a week working hard on the garden.

Rainy again today (22nd), so it's off to La Canada to avoid going ‘stir crazy’. Tried the Wok at La Canada. It was quite busy for a lunchtime, but not the best we’ve been to. Also, the Al Campo was very quiet BUT only 2 tills were open for checking out. It's back t o LIDL and superSol for us!

Been reading a great blog re the 'van that stopped here in December en route to S Africa via most of Africa. Their blog makes great reading. Give it a go.

A quick game of Lawn Bowls at Miraflores. Lovely weather again in a beautiful setting. Then we watched the rugby and planned to go to Fuengirola for the ‘tapas run’. However, the bus had not yet arrived by 20:15, so we abandoned that idea and had supper in the tapas bar in Cabopino. Then we ‘Tac-Eval’d’ Bryan just as he was settling down for the night and played Clag till gone midnight. Quiet day Sunday and then it was Race Day.

Walked from Marbella to Puerto Banus AND BACK with about 20 other campers on Sunday (24th). God, my feet hurt …I may have overdone it!:Doh:

Up at 0800 and off to the building supplies depot for 26 bags of white stones for Bryans garden. Looks good.

Then the racing started at 1300 as 30 of our friends joined us for a light-hearted race-meet! I think everyone enjoyed themselves in bright sunshine and most ‘syndicates’ at least got into the winners enclosure. Thanks, Bryan, for letting us use your garden and facilities.

And finally, we went off to watch Gareth Bale and Spurs beat West Ham. The man is a footballing genius. If he goes to Real Madrid and joins Ronaldo, they will be unstoppable. It also means I take over from Shirl in the Fantasy Football. Skill wins out in the end!!!

Lost the quiz by 2 points. Never mind, Mario’s was rammed with people in for Andalucia Day Week – if you see what I mean. We had the ‘Mother of all Thunderstorms’ during the night when hailstones flew down and created small drifts which didn’t melt till mid-morning.

John and Eve came round for a farewell supper on Thursday, and the Morocco 4 set off on Friday to explore the desert for 4 weeks. Bon Voyage – see you soon. In fact quite a few people are starting to drift away. It's that time of year. We've only got 6 weeks left and Carole and Brian will be here on 2 April.

Cards with P and J on Friday night and at 10:20pm came a knock on the door. We were too loud! At 10:20 on A FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Paul gave him short shrift and quite rightly so in my opinion. Cabopino is NOT an old people’s home! If some folk want to shut their doors, watch the TV and go to bed at 10:00, then that's fine by me. However, do not expect everyone else to do so. We haven’t come here to die! What's more Mario’s was blasting out it's Friday night music till gone 11:00pm and the noise curfew is midnight. It's not as if it's every night that we create a convivial atmosphere with a bit of noise. Just every other night!!:RollEyes:
Of course, my ’reward’ for sinning thus, is a bloody cold. Typical.

Anyway, went into Fuengirola to the Salon Theatre to watch a Blues concert. Good for what it was – fine musicians – but not exactly what was advertised. A few disappointed punters, but enjoyable anyway.

Carole, Bryan and P and J have driven down to Gibraltar this morning (4th) in the rain. Yes, rain and we’re due 4 days of it. I stayed in bed with my ‘Man-Flu’.
They got very wet but enjoyed their day out with the other monkeys!

Still raining and the quiz was cancelled because everyone wanted to watch Real Madrid stuff Scumchester. However, Mario took umbrage and cancelled all further quizzes as a punishment! He's putting on a female singer on Tuesdays instead. Cutting his nose to spite his face as none of the quizzers will go to that. It was ONLY the quiz that filled up the bar on a Tuesday!!

Anyway, still raining on We'd (6th) and we may go off to the cinema if it doesn’t pick up.
Day 1100 today and Eve and John have set off home. Bon voyage and see you in July at the Moon and Sixpence.

All for now
M and D
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